As a church, we want to be known as a hospitable people. Our Hospitality team is an integral part of this desire. Responsible for setting up beverage tables & communion tables for RVC Sunday morning Services as well as assisting with church potlucks etc.

If you have a passion for making people feel at home with hospitality and a hot beverage, this team is for you!  

Requirements: No experience required. 

Commitment:Serve at least once a month

Contact: Kari Culumber - Operations



We love our Kids and want to disciple them as best as we know how!  From our youngest ages of 6 months to our oldest age of 13 we believe it’s our job to assist the parents in teaching our future about our Trinitarian God.

Requirement: No experience required. We will train. Must be a member for at minimum of 6 months.

Commitment: Serve for at least once a month for 6 months

 Contact: Pastor Steve Pratt



The Knob Turners. This team is responsible for all the bells and whistles of the service.  If you are tech savvy or what to learn how to be, Production would love to have you join the team  

Requirements:  Prior experience helpful but not necessary. We will Train

Commitment: Serve once a month

Contact: Andrew Bierbaum



The Sunday Facilities and is responsible for ensuring that RVC’s building is effectively prepared and cleaned each Sunday so that the church can gather.  Tasks include setting up and taking down signs, taking out trash, and cleaning the auditorium and bathrooms.

Requirements: no experience required

Commitment: Serve once a month

Contact: Allan Dunham




The Worship Team is composed of musicians and vocalists who prayerfully prepare for and lead the church in corporate worship music each Sunday. If you are passionate about crafting songs and leading worship of our Creator God, then sign up today for an audition. 

Requirements: currenlty play instrument

Commitment: Serve once a month

Contact: Pastor Nate Porter