Weekly Update 7/23

--Upcoming Events

*Men's Backpacking Trip (8/9-11) The Men's Ministry at Rainier Valley Church is putting together a backpacking trip on the coast. Ben Johnson is coordinating this trip. If you're interested coming, please respond to this e-mail or contact Ben Johnson directly.

*Men's Retreat - SAVE THE DATE (10/13-15) This year's Men's Retreat will be September 13th-15th. Please save the date. More details coming soon! If you have questions about the retreat or men's ministry, please talk with Doug Foreman.


*Leadership of Service Teams

This last Sunday morning Board President Jesse Epperson announced that the Board will be taking a leadership role in each of the service teams. Board Members will be reaching out to schedule, coordinate, and administrate the details of each of the service teams.

--Sermon and Study Questions

Making Sense of Church "Lead - Elders/Deacons"

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Making Sense of Church sermon series has been designed to answer the practical questions about what the church is and why we're called to be an active part of a local church as Jesus-followers. Join us as we seek to discover what it means to love Jesus and be his people.

*Study/Discussion Questions

Making Sense of Church Week #7 (1 Tim 3:1-13) "Lead - Elders/Deacons"

There is a famous African parable that says: "An army of sheep lead by a lion can defeat and an army of lions led by a sheep." How have you experienced the importance of leadership, both good and bad, in your own life? What church leader has encouraged you the most in your spiritual journey? Leadership might matter for a basketball team, a restaurant or a business, but why does leadership matter for the local church?

  1. Jesus is the Head (Rules and Leads)

  2. Elders are Shepherds (Teach and Exemplify)

  3. Deacons are Servants (Support and Administrate)

  4. Members are Ministers (Witness and Serve)

1. Jesus Is The Head (Various)
Why is it significant biblically and practically that Jesus Christ is the chief shepherd, the senior pastor?

  • Jesus Founds His Church (Heb 3:1) - How does Jesus found his church through the death, burial, resurrection? How is our view, value, and priority of the church shaped by Jesus’ founding of it?

  • Jesus Builds His Church (Matt 16:18) - How does Jesus Bible his church and what tools and materials does he uses?

  • Jesus Governs His Church (Eph 1:9-23) - How does Jesus govern his Church? Can churches avoid Jesus' governance? How can we tell if a church is actively following Jesus or not?

  • Jesus Guides His Church (1 Pet 5:4) - Since Jesus is in Heaven, how exactly does he guide his church?

2. Elders are Shepherds (3:1-7)
Read 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and discuss the characteristics of elders. If we uses these characteristics as a measuring stick for Christian maturity and not a finish line for some sort of christian perfectionism, which areas do you need to grow in? What needs to change in your beliefs, behaviors, schedule, speech, budget, and relationships to cultivate these godly characteristics? Much of the Christian life is learning through following the example of others. What leaders and members of your church our worthy of imitation and how will you follow their example as a model for your own life? At Rainier Valley Church, Elders serve on the elder team and help teach, lead, and care for the church. Do you have any questions about the Elder Team or the role of Elders at RVC?

3.Deacons are Servants (3:8-13)
Why is it necessary to distinguish between the minister of the word (Elders) and the minster of service (Deacons)? Why is needing practical needs an important part of Gospel ministry in the local church? How has serving in a Service Team, Community Group, Kids Classroom, Worship Band or other ministry helped you to better understand the Gospel? What are the similarities and differences between overseers/elders and deacons/servants in these texts in 1 Timothy? At Rainier Valley Church, Deacons serve on the board of Directors helping to administrate and serve the church. Do you have any questions about the Board or the role of Board members?

4. Members are Ministers (Various)
In what way do all members of the church minister and serve others?

Members are to appoint Elders and Deacons (Acts 6, 15:2). Throughout the book of Acts we see God's people, by the Spirit and prayer, identifying and appointing leaders. How can we regularly be praying for God to help us see those he has gifted and called into leadership?

Are there currently people in the church that aren't in leadership roles but seem qualified and fit for leadership?

Members are to affirm new members and help discipline (1 Cor 5:1, 2 Cor 2:5-11)
Why is it essential for the entire church to affirm new members? Why is it important for the church to be involved in discipline as well? Why is unity in the membership essential to effective disciple making in the church?

Members are to affirm doctrine and correct false teaching (Gal 1:8-9; 2 Tim 4:3)
The New Testament shows that it is not merely the pastors, elders, theological networks, denominations, and seminaries that are to correct false doctrine but the members of a local church are competent to sit in judgement. What examples from the New Testament can you think of where the church is called to respond to false doctrine? At Rainier Valley Church, Members are equipped to be ministers of the Gospel. What does regular Gospel ministry look like? Do you have any questions about Membership and the role of Members at RVC?