News and Announcements 5/3

News and Announcements 5/3 

Board Updates

This last Sunday we announced the results of the board election. First, we want to start by thanking Doug Foreman, Erin McCormick, and Hillary Dunham for their faithful service on the board of directors over this last season. If you get a chance, please thank them for their hard work, faithfulness, and dedication to our church family. 

The new board members will be Yee Feng (returning for a second term), Jesse Epperson, Lucas Clements, and Ken Sabalza. 

Thank you Isaiah Huntington 

This last Sunday we thanked Isaiah Huntington, our ministry intern, for his faithful service over the last six months. We're excited for him as he graduates SPU and begins working in youth ministry down in Vancouver, Washington this summer. 

Community Group Picnic

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 6pm-8pm at Seward Park  The Wednesday CGs are planning a picnic on Wednesday, June 12, at 6pm, and they would like to invite anyone available to join in! One of the families has generously reserved a picnic shelter by the playground Seward Park for our use. 

Bring a picnic dinner for your family, and be sure to dress for the weather (whatever it may be). We hope you can attend!

Hope Place Graduation

Rainier Valley Church will be helping with the Reception and Childcare for the Hope Place graduation on 6/26. Folks willing to volunteer can contact me at or via Slack.

Seattle Urban Academy 

An important update to be aware of over the next few weeks is that the Seattle Urban Academy is moving out of the Union Gospel Mission building and so the classrooms and breakfast area will be filled with extra equipment and moving boxes over the next few weeks during SUA's transition. 

Community Group Discussion Questions 

Pastor Kyle made three observations about how this series in the book of Lamentations has impacted our church family. God has broken, Connected, and freed us a church family as we have studied and applied the truths of the book of Lamentations into the realities of our sufferings. 

  • God has Broken us - We've heard lots of different testimonies on Sunday and shared stories within our community groups. We’re all suffering in many ways and brokenness, sickness, disease, cancer, chronic illness, loss and death are a part of our community. How do you think this series has changed us a Church community? What impact has it had on you personally to listen to the stories of follow brothers and sisters in Christ sharing their suffering and their resolve to walk with God in the midst of their storms? 

  • God has Connected us - When suffering hits us there is often a tendency to isolate or pretend that we aren't hurting, why is this? How can sharing in the suffering of others around us help us to connect deeper with fellow believers? Suffering either creates dependence on God and others or bitterness towards God and others, which of these results have you experienced? How can we draw near to God and be honest with one another in our suffering? How have you seen God connecting our church family throughout this series in Lamentations? 

  • God has Freed us - God often uses suffering to break us of our pride, help draw our attention to eternal realities, and humbles us of our pride. How has God used suffering in your life to free you of your sin, shortsightedness and spiritual apathy? 

Pastor Kyle talked about how Lamentations 5 ends with a question about if God will be faithful to his promises and restore his people. 

How does Jesus answer the Poet's question? 

Kyle outlined that Jesus shows us that life is often unjust, always purposeful, and ultimately redeemed. 

Jesus shows us that suffering is often unjust. How can Jesus uniquely identify with our sufferings and how does that make Christianity unique among the religions of the world? How does worshiping a God who has the scars of human suffering show us that suffering is often unjust?

Why is it such a precious reality to know that suffering is always purposeful and how does looking at the life of Jesus confirm this? What promises of God do you hold on to in the midst of your suffering? 

Jesus' life, death, and resurrection shows us that suffering is ultimately redeemed. How does the resurrection give a unique answer to the problem of suffering? Since the resurrection isn't just a consolation but a restorationhow does the resurrection speak to the goodness of God and give us eternal hope in the midst of the suffering, tragedies and heartaches of this life?

What questions do you have about walking with God through pain, suffering, and uncertainty? 

What was the most helpful insight, story or biblical truth you discovered in this series and how will you apply this truth? 

How can we pray for each other this week?