Events, News, and Study Materials (6/23-6/30)

--Upcoming Events

*Hope Place Graduation (6/26) Rainier Valley Church will be helping with the Reception and Childcare for the Hope Place graduation on 6/26. Folks willing to volunteer can contact me at or via Slack.

The Dunham Community Group is taking point on the reception and needs 4-6 more volunteers. The Reception is 7-9pm and involves setting up decorations, making punch, cutting and handing out cake, etc. If you'd like to help set up the Reception please touch base with Hillary Dunham and sign up here.

Here is the link for signing up for the graduation reception:

Hope Place Graduation also needs help with childcare, we're looking for 6-8 volunteers who can hold babies, play games, and hang out with kids from 6pm-8pm. The link to sign-up is on our website, facebook page, and will be in the weekly e-mail. (If you're not getting the weekly e-mail, please let Kari know and she make sure you on the e-mail list)

Here is also the link for the graduation childcare: for people to sign up.

--News and Announcements

*Seattle Urban Academy is Moving An important update to be aware of over the next few weeks is that the Seattle Urban Academy is moving out of the Union Gospel Mission building and so the classrooms and breakfast area will be filled with extra equipment and moving boxes over the next few weeks during SUA's transition.

--Sermon and Study Questions

Making Sense of Church "Help - Serving"

Making Sense of Church - Help / Serving - Rainier Valley Church

Making Sense of Church #3 "Help - Serving" - Mark 9:33-37

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Making Sense of Church sermon series has been designed to answer the practical questions about what the church is and why we're called to be an active part of a local church as Jesus-followers. Join us as we seek to discover what it means to love Jesus and be his people.

*Study/Discussion Questions

Making Sense of Church Week #3 (Mark 9:33-37) "Help - Serving"

1.Misunderstanding Service (9:33-34)
We often misunderstand God, ourselves, and others. In Mark 9, the disciples misunderstand what true greatness is and how it connects to serving others. When you think of greatness, what are some examples outside of the scriptures that come to mind? What are some of the most powerful examples of humility and service you've seen and/or experienced? Jesus begins the conversation with a powerful and leading question. Questions are essential in our growth and self-discovery. What are some of the most helpful questions you've ever been asked and what did they help you to understand? How can we ask better questions of one another? Why do you think the disciples didn't answer Jesus' question?

2.Redeeming Service (9:35)
What's the difference between a holy and a selfish ambition for greatness and how can we rightly assess our own desires and motivations? Jesus redefines greatness as humble service towards others. Pastor Kyle talked about how obedience, gratitude, joy, humility, and love are all motivations for service. What motives you to serve God, your family, workplace, and church? What demotivates you to serve God and others?

3.Practicing Service (9:36-37)
Why did Jesus use a child as an example of what true greatness through serving others should look like? How can you use your title, position, gifts, and background to serve others? What ways has God uniquely equip and gifted you to spiritually serve others? (Spiritual gift lists include 1 Cor 12, Rom 12, 1 Pet 4) What are some of the immediate needs in our church body and how can we help meet those needs? What needs exist within our Community Group and how can we serve one another? What ways has Jesus served us and what ways does he continues to serve us through his heavenly ministry? How can we praise God for his humble greatness and how can we be praying for one another this week?