News, Events, and Study Materials (6/16-6/23)

--Upcoming Events

*Ladies Craft Night  (6/20)  When: Thursday, June 20th @ 7pm Where: Lischkeland ~ 6515 44th Ave S, Seattle WA 98118 Join us for an evening of fellowship and saving the world from mass production. Light refreshments will be served.  Craft tutorial provided for those needing inspiration.  Feel free to B.Y.O.C.P (bring your own craft project) Questions? Contact Shelly @

*Hope Place Graduation (6/26) Rainier Valley Church will be helping with the Reception and Childcare for the Hope Place graduation on 6/26. Folks willing to volunteer can contact me at or via Slack.

--News and Announcements

*New Board of Directors This last Monday the newly elected members of the board of directors gathered together to assign leadership roles for the next season of the board and plan some exciting upcoming events. Stay tune for some exciting updates this Sunday during the morning announcements.

*Seattle Urban Academy is Moving An important update to be aware of over the next few weeks is that the Seattle Urban Academy is moving out of the Union Gospel Mission building and so the classrooms and breakfast area will be filled with extra equipment and moving boxes over the next few weeks during SUA's transition.

--Sermon and Study Questions *Making Sense of Church "Participate - Community"

Making Sense of Church - Week #2 - Participate / Community - Rainier Valley Church - Seattle, Washington

Making Sense of Church - Week #2 - Participate / Community - Rainier Valley Church - Seattle, Washington

Listen, watch, or download on YouTube, iTunes, MP3, Podbay, RSS feedMaking Sense of Church sermon series has been designed to answer the practical questions about what the church is and why we're called to be an active part of a local church as Jesus-followers. Join us as we seek to discover what it means to love Jesus and be his people in the city of Seattle.

*Study/Discussion Questions

Making Sense of Church  Week #2 (Acts 2:37-46)  "Participate - Community" 

1.Christian Community is Powerful

Who has God used in your life to bring you to faith? How did Christian community play a role in your conversion and growth? When you think of your christian community in contrast with other communities you are part of (work, hobbies, family, neighborhood, etc) what are some of the differences and similarities? 

2.Christian Community is Responsive

What happened to the crowd that was listening to Peter's message and why is repentance essential to the Christian faith? Why does it matter that we respond to the Gospel?  What are some ways we should respond to the Sunday morning message during the service, afterwards, and throughout the week? What are some negative outcomes of us listening to a Gospel message and not responding to it? 

3.Christian Community is Devoted

What are some of the defining marks of the early church according to these verses?  Which of these marks of the early christian community are you passionate about and why? Which one of the marks of the early Christian community are personal growth areas that need work and don't come easily to you?    What is the difference between being devoted to apostolic teaching and just appreciating it? What are some things that might keep you from deeper Christian fellowship? What practical needs do you see in your community that you can help meet? 

4.Christian Community is Transformative  

Who can your group be praying for and reaching out to?   In what areas do you need to encourage each other? How will your group apply the principles from Acts 2?