Events, News, and Study Materials (6/9-16)

--Upcoming Events

*Picnic in the Park TONIGHT! (6/12) 

The Picnic in the Park is tonight from 6pm-8pm at Seward Park. The Wednesday Community Groups have organized and planned a picnic and everyone is invited join in! The forecast looks great with weather in the high eighties. We will be hanging out at shelter #1 right next to the playground. Bring a picnic dinner and we'll see you there for a great night! 

*Hope Place Graduation (6/26) 

Rainier Valley Church will be helping with the Reception and Childcare for the Hope Place graduation on 6/26. Folks willing to volunteer can contact me at or via Slack.

--News and Announcements 

*New Board of Directors 

This last Monday the newly elected members of the board of directors gathered together to assign leadership roles for the next season of the board and plan some exciting upcoming events. Stay tune for some exciting updates this Sunday during the morning announcements.    

*Seattle Urban Academy is Moving 

An important update to be aware of over the next few weeks is that the Seattle Urban Academy is moving out of the Union Gospel Mission building and so the classrooms and breakfast area will be filled with extra equipment and moving boxes over the next few weeks during SUA's transition.  

--Sermon and Study Questions  

*Making Sense of Church "Belong-Membership" 

Making Sense of Church Title 1 (Belong).jpg

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Making Sense of Church sermon series has been designed to answer the practical questions about what the church is and why we're called to be an active part of a local church as Jesus-followers. Join us as we seek to discover what it means to love Jesus and be his people in the city of Seattle.     

*Study/Discussion Questions  

Unity (12:12-13)

The world finds unity in hobbies, family, and culture. What are some examples of unity you've experienced with other people in Seattle? What does Seattle unify around? How is Christian unity different than mere commonalities such as age, life stage, and shared hobbies? 

Paul compares the church with a body, what are some of the different parts of the body and how do they interact with each other and perform specific tasks? Have you ever lose function in a part of your body? if so, what was the experience like? 

What are ways we can foster unity within our local church? What are ways we can undermine unity in our local church? 

How would you answer someone that doesn't think it's important for a Christian to be a part of a local church? 

Diversity (12:14-20)

Using the illustration of the body working together, why is it so important that the church be diverse and yet unified? How have you been blessed, served, and helped by Christians with different gifts, abilities, and passions? 

How can local churches, community groups, and ministries become mono-cultural and single-issue voter communities? What steps can we take both personally and as a community group to cultivate each others specific passions and gifts?   

Interdependence (12:21-26) 

Why is an individual Christian not a full representation of Jesus to the watching world? In what ways are we practically interdependent on one another? What gifts, personality types, and passions do you not have that you are thankful others do? 

Who are some people that come to mind that you would like to thank for their unique contribution to the local church? 

Does anyone have any questions about membership at Rainier Valley Church? 

How can we be praying for one another and practically meeting each others needs this week?