News and Announcements 5/6

News & Announcements 

Mother's Day Video A few years ago we did a Mother's Day video featuring a slideshow of pictures of church members with their Moms or Moms with their kiddos. We would love to do a new video this year and feature a picture of either you with your Mom or if you are a mother, you with your kids. Please send a high-res picture for Mother's Day to Isaiah Huntington ( Thank you!

Child Dedications Ceremony Child Dedications recognize the blessing and responsibility of the parents and the church to train the next generation to know, love, and follow after Jesus. This Mother's Day, parents, joined by their church community, will celebrate the birth or adoption of a child, joyfully thanking God for this new addition to the family and to the church community. Child Dedication is also the parents publicly committing themselves to raise their child in the nurture and love of the Lord, and for the church to pray, support, and care for them in this important task. If you would like to have your child or children dedicated, please contact Steve Pratt (

Rainier Valley Church Board Nominations 

Four spots are open on the RVC board. (Hillary Dunham, Doug Foreman, Yee Feng, and Erin McCormick will be finishing their terms.)

RVC members, please use the link below to nominate any member who is over 18 and is a member in good standing. See by-laws posted in the thread below for additional qualifications.

Please encourage other members of RVC to fill out this form by *Wednesday, May 22rd at 10:00 PM.* The final list for voting will be presented to the congregation for a vote on *Sunday, May 26th.*

The new board will be presented to the congregation on *Sunday June 2.*