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- Sun May 26: Voting for New Board Members - Wed May 29, 10pm: Voting for New Board Members Close - Sun Jun 2: new board members presented to congregation

Nominees -Andrew Bierbaum -Ben Johnson -Jesse Epperson -Ken Sabalza -Lucas Clements -Ryan Jones -Tom Mipalar -Yee Feng…/1Ey6HaKMceiZNe6IluYzmlfxLscf…/edit

Please reach out to Hillary at or message her directly if you have questions on the voting process.

Wednesday CG Picnic

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 6pm-8pm at Seward Park The Wednesday CGs are planning a picnic on Wednesday, June 12, at 6pm, and they would like to invite anyone available to join in! One of the families has generously reserved a picnic shelter by the playground Seward Park for our use.

Bring a picnic dinner for your family, and be sure to dress for the weather (whatever it may be). We hope you can attend!

Dealing with Loss - Lamentations 4 - Rainier Valley Church

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Discussion Questions

Below is the poem Shelly Lischke shared with us this last Sunday during her testimony. What has stood out to you about having members of the church share their testimonies? What have you learned?

CHRONIC by Shelly Lischke

“Crippling fears can consume me daily, yet my life continues forward at times on lightspeed, others wading through molasses.

Honest expression is something that tosses about in my sea of despair despite your ways of crashing grace.

Respite alludes me like a mirage teases a thirsty soul.

Only you can satisfy my weary heart if my grip would just hold fast.

"Normal", a word used only in quotes is banished from my vocabulary. I find myself saturated, soaking in the isolation of our circumstances, despite your never ending pursuit.

Captivate me Lord! Take my thoughts into your hands for mine are stained with my iniquities that only you can wash clean.”

1.Grieving the Loss of What Was (4:1-12)

It’s been said that loss is inevitable but grieving that loss is a choice. What are the results of stuffing, denying, and avoiding loss instead of grieving it? If we don’t let grief out in healthy ways, we’ll act it out in unhealthy ways. How have you seen yourself acting out because your grief instead of expressing and processing it?

How can accepting and expressing grief help us to grow spiritually? How has your relationship with the Lord be changed by your loss and suffering?

How would you respond with grace and truth to someone who says that, “sadness is weakness” instead of grieving the loss in their life?

There are many different experiences of loss in our lives. Below is a list of various common losses. Identify what sorts of losses you have experienced in your life and how have you grieved these losses? Are there losses in your life that you haven’t identified, acknowledged, thought about, or grieved over?

  • Death of a spouse, family member or friend

  • Divorce or separation

  • Imprisonment

  • Personal injury or illness

  • Dismissal from work

  • Retirement

  • Change in health of family member

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Business readjustment

  • Change in financial state

  • Change to different line of work

  • Foreclosure of mortgage or loan

  • Change in responsibilities at work

  • Child leaving home

  • Trouble with in-laws

  • Spouse starts or stops work

  • Begin or end school

  • Change in living conditions

  • Change in working hours or conditions

  • Change in residence, school, church, or social activities.

  • Loss of Trust, Loss of Approval, Loss of Safety and Loss of control of my body

2.Lamenting when Leaders Fail (4:13-20)

If everything rises and falls on leadership, in what ways has your life been affected by the failure of leaders? In what has your life been blessed by the faithfulness of leaders?

  • Be Strong in the Lord (Why is it important to build our faith in Jesus and not piggyback off the faith of our leaders? How have you responded to the failure of leaders you have followed?)

  • Hold Them Accountable (Why is it important that leaders be held accountable? Have you seen leaders restored to their position of leadership?)

  • Watch out for Pride & Bitterness (How have you seen pride or bitterness in your own heart as a response to the failure of other leaders?)

  • Evaluate your Own Life (Why is it important to evaluate our life in light of the failure of the leaders we’ve followed? How are the seeds of our leaders failures likely in us?)

  • Learn from their Mistakes (How have you learned from the failure of leaders in your life?)

3.Finding Hope for the Future (4:21-22)

How does the poet find hope in both the mercy and justice of God in the final section of the poem? How do you wrestle to find your hope in the Lord when you’re struggling with loss?

How does the judgement of Jerusalem foreshadow the cross of Christ?