News and Announcements 5/20

News and Announcements 

RVC Board Nominations (Voting Closes on May 22nd)
Four spots are open on the RVC board. (Hillary Dunham, Doug Foreman, Yee Feng, and Erin McCormick will be finishing their terms.)RVC members, please use the link below to nominate any member who is over 18 and is a member in good standing. See by-laws posted in the thread below for additional qualifications.

Please encourage other members of RVC to fill out this form by *Wednesday, May 22nd at 10:00 PM.* The final list for voting will be presented to the congregation for a vote on *Sunday, May 26th.*The new board will be presented to the congregation on *Sunday June 2.*

All-Church Picnic  5/26

Sunday, May 26th - Directly after service
Rainier Valley Church - 3800 S Othello St, Seattle, Washington 98118Hi church family, Sharon Pastre will be providing the main dish (curries and satays) for a potluck lunch on Sunday, May 26, following our morning service.  We welcome everyone to join us in sharing a meal together!

If you are able to contribute to the potluck, please, bring the following based on your last name: 
A-H Fruit/Dessert/Drinks
I-Q  Veggie/Salad 
R-Z Grain/potato/bread

Saturday Workshop: Understanding Your Feelings and Emotions

Saturday, May 25 @ 10am-1pm. 

Rainier Valley Church - 3800 S Othello St, Seattle, Washington 98118

We will learn from the people of the Bible how to deal with our emotions and how to use them for our spiritual growth and for more authentic and deeper connection with people.

Lamentations: Walking with God through Suffering, Silence, and Uncertainty

Community Group Discussion Questions

Week #3  - "Hope in the Midst of the Storm"  (Lam 3:1-66) 

How can we create an environment where people can open up about their real fears, doubts, failures, and laments? What fears can keep us from opening up and sharing with others? 

What do you think of "S.E.T." (Sympathy, Empathy, and Truth) as a way of relating to those who are suffering? Which aspects of SET come naturally to you, which ones are more difficult and why do you think that is? 

What do you do when you feel like God is the enemy in your life? What are the poetic metaphors Jeremiah uses for God in verse 1-18? 

When challenges and suffering come into our life, how do we know when we're rightly lamenting the difficulty and when we're sinfully dwelling in unbelief, sorrow, and hopelessness? Why does it matter to our discipleship that we process our pain with God and with others? 

The poet calls to mind truths about God that he isn't currently experiencing, why is it important to let our beliefs channel our emotions and not let our emotions shape our beliefs? How have you seen your emotions lie about who God is and what he is up to in your life and in the world? How have you wrestled with believing God in the midst of suffering? 

How would you explain the beauty and the reality of the steadfast love of the Lord that never ceases to someone who doesn't know or follow Jesus? How would you explain the new mercies of God each day?   

How is God's covenantal love an anchor for us in the midst of our anxieties? What does it mean to say that God is immutable and how is that different than us?  

Please take some time to pray for those who are suffering in your group (It might be helpful to lay hands on them as a symbol of support and solidarity).  

Write you own Lament Poem - Reflect on the suffering you have/are experiencing in your own life or that you're seeing in the world around you and entering into those feeling through writing a personal Lament poem. This experience isn't about writing style, or the structure of your prose, you don't have to share this poem is you don't want to, but take the time to cry out to God through writing your own lament.