Weekly Update 5/13

News and Announcements 

RVC Board Nominations 
Four spots are open on the RVC board. (Hillary Dunham, Doug Foreman, Yee Feng, and Erin McCormick will be finishing their terms.)

RVC members, please use the link below to nominate any member who is over 18 and is a member in good standing. See by-laws posted in the thread below for additional qualifications.


Please encourage other members of RVC to fill out this form by *Wednesday, May 22rd at 10:00 PM.* The final list for voting will be presented to the congregation for a vote on *Sunday, May 26th.*

The new board will be presented to the congregation on *Sunday June 2.*

Ladies Craft Night 

Thursday, May 16th @ 7pm
Lischkeland - 6515 44th Ave So. Seattle WA 98118
Join us for an evening of fellowship and saving the world from mass production. Light refreshments will be served. Craft tutorial provided for those needing inspiration. 

Feel free to B.Y.O.C.P (bring your own craft project) Questions? Contact Shelly @ shellylischke@comcast.net

Men's Morning Coffee

Friday, May 17th at @ 6am 

All City Coffee - 1205 S Vale St, Seattle, WA 98108

Men, join other guys on Friday mornings from 6am-8am at All-City Coffee in Georgetown for encouragement, instruction, and community.  
"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." (Pro 27:17) 

Saturday Workshop: Understanding Your Feelings and Emotions

Saturday, May 25 @ 10am-1pm. 

Rainier Valley Church - 3800 S Othello St, Seattle, Washington 98118

We will learn from the people of the Bible how to deal with our emotions and how to use them for our spiritual growth and for more authentic and deeper connection with people.

Week #2  - "The Dark Night of the Soul"  (Lam 2:1-22) 

What have you found to be most helpful, challenging, or thought-provoking in Lamentations so far? 

If you are willing to share, what times in your life have you experienced a "dark night of the soul" and how did it shape and change you? 

What is the difference between innocent suffering, deserved suffering and righteous suffering? What lessons can be learned for each of these forms of suffering? How could the community support people as they walk through each of these forms of suffering? 

How is God's justice seen in Lamentations 2? How is God's justice a comfort and hope for his people? How does God's justice shape the way we understand and respond to suffering and injustice in the world? How are both God's justice and mercy seen on the cross of Christ?

Please take some time to pray for those who are suffering in your group (It might be helpful to lay hands on them as a symbol of support and solidarity).  

Write you own Lament Poem - Reflect on the suffering you have/are experiencing in your own life or that you're seeing in the world around you and entering into those feeling through writing a personal Lament poem. This experience isn't about writing style, or the structure of your prose, you don't have to share this poem is you don't want to, but take the time to cry out to God through writing your own lament.