Weekly Update 4/29

Recapping Easter 2019  

Pastor Kyle - "My heart is full this afternoon reflecting on the five baptisms, lots of visitors, and lots of new connections, friendships, and first steps of faith we saw today at Rainier Valley Church. We have so much to be thankful for: the tomb is empty, the Spirit is at work, and Jesus reigns!"

Pastor Nate - "Just spent a couple hours breaking down the baptismal, picking up empty coffee cups, turning off lights, locking doors…Feels incredible to know that the Gospel was preached boldly, He was worshiped (loudly), and that the kingdom of heaven is coming, and at the same time... is already here! Happy Easter to my Rainier Valley Church family!"

All the photos from Easter are available on Rainier Valley Church's Facebook page or on Yee Feng's website

Spring Update from Grace Community Empowerment 

Rainier Valley Church Family, here is the Spring Update from Grace Community Empowerment, our partner ministry in the Philippines.

“Dear friends and supporters, our spring has been full of joy: scholar graduations, preschool graduation, testimonies from preschooler moms, wedding couples studying the bible, scholar marriage, and an invitation to another wedding! Read the full newsletter to see our pictures.”

Manny and Sharon Pastre - Grace Community Empowerment -gceinternational.org

Upcoming Workshop: How Christians Understand Feelings and Emotions

Saturday, May 25, 2019 

10 AM – 1 PM

Rainier Valley Church

3800 S Othello St, Seattle, Washington 98118
Emotions and feelings are part of God’s image in humankind. But they are that part of our humanity that is most misunderstood. And because we don’t understand them, we don’t manage them well.

When we ignore, deny or block our emotions, this leads to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, sarcasm or inability to also feel positive emotions like joy, surprise, excitement.

When we dwell in unpleasant emotions, this leads to depression, anxiety, addictions, or we make decisions based on our feelings – we let them control our lives. 

We need to learn when specific emotions appear and we need to understand their message. And the message can be one of these three: 1) our needs are unmet, 2) we misinterpreted the reality/event and we need to reinterpret, 3) the situation is difficult and we should either find better mechanisms to cope or change the situation.

In dealing with others’ feelings and emotions, it’s easy to situate ourselves on extremes: ignoring, denying or, the other extreme: feeling responsible for others’ happiness. The balanced way is to care enough about the person and learn how to show this by being present and emphatic, normalizing their feelings, being supportive and encouraging. 

I invite you for a 3-hour workshop where we will:

Better understand our emotional life: the connection between body, soul, spirit, and the distinction between emotions, feelings and moods. We will learn from the people of the Bible how to deal with our emotions and how to use them for our spiritual growth and for more authentic and deeper connection with people.

Look at some specific unpleasant emotions (fear, sadness, anger, shame), understand when they appear, how to decode their message and how to manage them well.

Learn how to connect emotionally with dear ones and how to better support each other when we deal with difficult situations and unpleasant feelings.

Discussion Questions - (Matthew 28:16-20) 

Rainier Valley Church has spent the last five months studying the Gospel of Matthew. What have been some of the highlights of this study for you personally? What was helpful? What was new? What was confusing? What did God teach you through this series? How will you apply it in your life? 

If someone runs into a building and shouts that their is a fire and that they know the way to safety. If we have faith in them, we will believe what they say and follow them to safety. If we don't have faith in them, we will ignore them. Faith requires following. 

How would you explain what it means to have faith in Jesus to someone who is interested in becoming a Christian? 

We see in verse 16 that the disciples followed Jesus instructions. They showed up. Why is showing up so important in life? What ways might we say one thing but not do it? How might we not keep our word? When we keep our commitments and we become men and women of our word, what are we telling the watching world about the character of God? 

Verse 17 describes the disciples reaction to see the risen Lord, some worshiped and some doubted. How can doubt actually refine our faith and make it stronger when we acknowledge and deal with it? What happens when we don't deal with our doubts? 

Jesus commission begins with a claim, that all authority has been given to him. What is Jesus' authority? How is Jesus' authority the basis for our mission? 

Jesus tells his disciples to Go into all the world, into their workplaces, communities, neighborhoods, and other lands to tell and show the good news of Jesus. Where has God called you to Go? How are you being intentional about fulfilling the great commission in your life? 

What is a disciple? If discipleship isn't just knowledge but application, how can our community help build disciples who make other disciples? What ways can we get distraction from the Great Commission that Jesus has given us? 

Jesus promises to be with us even to the very end of the age, how have you experienced the fulfillment of this promise in your life? 

How can we pray for each other to be fulfilling the great commission in your lives?