Easter Weekend Reminders and Encouragements

Good morning RVC family, 

As a reminder, here's our Easter Weekend Schedule:

Good Friday - tonight @ 7pm, family-style

Easter Sunday - hot breakfast @ 9am, family-style service & baptisms @ 10am,  Easter activities @ 11am. 

Pastoral encouragements for Easter Weekend: 

  1. Prepare Your Heart

    1. Pray Thank God that Jesus died in our place, absorbing our punishment into himself; praise him for the power of the resurrection. Ask the Father to stir your affections, and prepare your heart. Pray that our neighborhood, friends, and family would respond to the invitation to Easter this weekend.  

    2. Invite - I've listened to a couple different stories of people inviting their friends to church this weekend. If there is ever a Sunday to invite someone to church and not feel awkward, it's Easter! 

    3. Reflect - We're all very busy with school, work, and preparing for Easter weekend so it's important to slow down and get some silence and solitude to reflect. What is God teaching you this Easter? What truth about the cross, resurrection, power, and rescue of God is resonating with you this year and why? 

  2. Serve Your Community 

    1. Breakfast Ministry - This Easter Sunday we've invited our community to come celebrate the hope of the resurrection. This means we may double in attendance this Sunday so we need all hands on deck. If you're interested in helping on in the kitchen, please e-mail Kari at @Operations 

    2. Welcome Team - First impressions are very important, and as believers we want to offer warm hospitality and help as new folks come to RVC for the first time. If you're interested in welcoming folks, please contact @Samuel Bretz  

    3. Activities Team - Easter Egg Hunt, Crafts, Face-Painting, Bounce Houses, Photo Booth, If you're interesting in helping out with all the fun Easter activities starting at 11am, please contact @Yee Feng or @Jason Lischke

  3. Worship Your Lord 

    1. Sing - Singing is a powerful way of meditating on the truth of Easter. Sing songs that focus your heart on Jesus' death and resurrection. Sing his praises, sing of his sacrifice, sing of his love. 

    2. Eat - Worship through meals and hospitality this Easter weekend. Acknowledge God's provision and enjoy his goodness. Food is a great way to connect with others, offer friendship, and enjoy family and friends. 

    3. Rejoice - We're to be a Good News people, and far more is caught than taught. Our neighbors, family, friends, kids, and visitors need to see us rejoicing, delighting, and celebrating in the Good News. Easter is a celebration, death has been defeated, Jesus is victorious, eternity is secure, and there is hope beyond the grave. Let's rejoice! 

Happy Easter Rainier Valley Church Family!

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