How Christians Understand Feelings and Emotions


NEW WORKSHOP - Saturday, May 25th 10am-1pm at Rainier Valley Church

How Much Should Christians Care About Their and Others’ Feelings and Emotions?

Emotions and feelings are part of God’s image in humankind. But they are that part of our humanity that is most misunderstood. And because we don’t understand them, we don’t manage them well.

When we ignore, deny or block our emotions, this leads to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, sarcasm or inability to also feel positive emotions like joy, surprise, excitement.

When we dwell in unpleasant emotions, this leads to depression, anxiety, addictions, or we make decisions based on our feelings – we let them control our lives.

We need to learn when specific emotions appear and we need to understand their message. And the message can be one of these three: 1) our needs are unmeet, 2) we misinterpreted the reality/event and we need to reinterpret, 3) the situation is difficult and we should either find better mechanisms to cope or change the situation.

In dealing with others’ feelings and emotions, it’s easy to situate ourselves on extremes: ignoring, denying or, the other extreme: feeling responsible for others’ happiness. The balanced way is to care enough about the person and learn how to show this by being present and emphatic, normalizing their feelings, being supportive and encouraging.

I invite you for a 3-hour workshop where we will:

Better understand our emotional life: the connection between body, soul, spirit, and the distinction between emotions, feelings and moods. We will learn from the people of the Bible how to deal with our emotions and how to use them for our spiritual growth and for more authentic and deeper connection with people.

Look at some specific unpleasant emotions (fear, sadness, anger, shame), understand when they appear, how to decode their message and how to manage them well.

Learn how to connect emotionally with dear ones and how to better support each other when we deal with difficult situations and unpleasant feelings.