Weekly Update 3/6

Hello church!

Lots to celebrate this week. After years of prayer and study, Nate Porter and Steve Pratt were installed as elders! Congratulations to both, and please continue to pray for them and their families.


  • Men’s ministry will be hanging out this Friday from 4:30pm 9:00pm at the Culumber farm in Maple Valley. If you’d like to shoot trap, please arrive by 5:00pm. Barbecue starts at 6:30pm. If you have questions or need a ride, please reach out to Doug Foreman (dougforeman@comcast.net) or Andrew Bierbaum (andrew.bierbaum@gmail.com).

  • Pictures from the elder installation are posted on our website. Check it out herehttps://rainiervalleychurch.com/news/2019/3/4/install-new-pastors.

  • If you’re not currently on the RVC Slack channel, please sign up! You should have received an invitation via email, or you can join the workspace at rainiervalleychurch.slack.com.

CG Discussion Questions:

Matthew 13:53-58 and Matthew 14

  • Jesus looms over all of human history as the most influential and important figure of all time. What are some views of Jesus that your coworkers, neighbors, family and friends hold? Where did they get their view of Jesus and how has it changed over the years? 

  • A.W. Tozer once famously wrote that: "what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important think about us."  Why is our view of God so important to our life? 

  • This section of Scripture ask us the question, how will we respond to Jesus?  

Responding with the indifference of Familiarity  (13:53-58)

  • Why were those from Jesus' hometown offended by him? How does familiarity breed contempt?

  • If we've grown familiar and cold to the truths of the Gospel, how do we renew and refresh our hearts? 

  • What didn't Jesus do very many miracles in his hometown, was he limited by their unbelief?  

Responding with the avoidance of Fear    (14:1-12)

  • What were Herod's motivations in this section of scripture? How can fear and lust cause us to act and foolish ways? How can we cultivate a fear of God that overcomes a fear of men? Why is fear such a strong motivator? Where do you see fear at play in your own life? 

Responding with the interest of Fascination  (14:13-21)

  • Jesus has compassion on the crowds who were fascinated by him. What are some of the reasons why crowds came out to see Jesus? Jesus' miracles are always signs and symbols pointing towards a spiritual truth, how does the feeding of the 5000 act as a sign? What's the difference between living faith and mere fascination? 

Responding with the devotion and worship of Faith    (14:22-36)

  • Jesus walking on the water is probably one of his most famous miracles. Why does this story capture our imaginations? What do you think caused Peter to ask Jesus to invite him onto the waters as well? Notice that Peter gets out of the boat while others are still huddled together in fear, how has fear kept you from stepping out in faith? What godly risks might Jesus be calling you to take as you follow him into the storms? Peter is walking on water so long as his gaze is locked on Jesus, he begins to sink when he sees the wind and the waves. We feed our faith by looking to Jesus and learning from Jesus and weakening our faith by being fearful and anxious. What storms in your own life by be causing you to take your eyes off Jesus? 

Have a great week!