Weekly Update 3/26

Happy Tuesday, church family!


  • The next Hope Place Graduation is on Wednesday, April 10th. If you’re able to help with childcare at the event, please register here or contact Irene Yung (Xoxoirene@gmail.com).

  • RVC will be hosting a Good Friday Service on Friday, April 19th at 7:00pm.

  • Join us to celebration the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, April 21st. There will be lots of fun activities after church, so please invite your friends and family to join us!

  • Kids ministry is hosting a training on Sunday, April 28th after service to help volunteers better understand how to minister to children who’ve experienced trauma. Please reach out to Steve Pratt (Steveryanpratt@gmail.com) if you have questions.

New Community Groups and Times:

Sabalza CG - Sundays | UGM Building 

Ken Sabalza's Community Group has moved to meeting on Sundays directly after church in the breakfast area. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Come enjoy some good food and fellowship as we share our lives, discuss the sermon, and pray together. The Sabalza CG is hoping to welcome in new folks! Please contact Ken (rsabalza@hotmail.com) for details.


Hillary and Allan Dunham - Wednesdays | Skyway 

The Dunhams are hosting a new Community Group in their home in the Skyway area every other Wednesday night from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Enjoy snacks, fellowship, discussion, and prayer with this new community group. Everyone is welcome and its a great time to get connected as this group gets started! Please contact Hillary Dunham (hgrigel@msn.com) for details.


Discussion Questions:

Pastor Kyle shared five hopes he has for Rainier Valley Church based on Matthew 18. What hopes do you have for Rainier Valley Church? What do you pray that God would do in us and through us in the future?

Childlike Humility (18:1-4)

·       What does it mean to become like a child in verse 3?  What is the difference between being childish and childlike? 

·       How does the requirement of humility in 1-4 compare to our culture's view of humility?  

Christian Holiness (18:5-9)

·       How does God use the similarities and differences of the church with the world to reach the world? 

·       Why is it necessary for temptations to come to Christians (verse 7) and what "good" could temptation do in our life? 

·       What areas of our own lives do we need to make war on sin and take radical measures to walk in holiness?  

Christlike Compassion (18:10-14)

·       When have we been tempted to despise other believers? How can we cultivate the priorities and the compassion of God in our own hearts? Since Jesus is our good shepherd who leaves the 99 to seek out the lost 1, what opportunities exist for us to follow this example? 

Mutual Accountability (18:15-20)

·       The scriptures outline a clear process for how to deal with conflict in the church community. If we don't deal with conflict, we're likely to excuse, become bitter, and/or gossip about others. How can unresolved conflict create division and drama?

·       How would you explain the process of church discipline outlined in this passage? The goal of church discipline should always be restoration not condemnation, so why is it important that we have the right attitude and motivation in conflict resolution?  

Gospel Forgiveness (18:21-35)

·       What happening to our  hearts, relationships, and spiritual vitality if we continue withholding forgiveness from those who have hurt us? 

·       What is the main point of Jesus' parable of the unforgiving servant? Why is forgiveness not optional but foundational for Christians? Why is forgiveness a choose and not just a feeling? How are forgiveness and reconciliation different? 

Let's be praying to grow in humility, push forward in holiness, have lives marked by Christlike compassion and mutual accountability, and that we would show the city what a community of Gospel forgiveness looks like.