Weekly Update 3/22

My apologies on the late email this week. Here are our announcements!


  • We have made some changes to our service order on Sunday morning. Please bring your children (3 years old and up) in to the auditorium at 10:00am so they’re able to worship with us. Kids will be dismissed after worship songs and before announcements, and parents can pick them up after the worship service is over.

  • We have a lot of exciting activities planned after our Easter service on 4/21. If you're interested in helping serve please contact Yee Feng or Jason Lischke.

  • There will be a meeting with community group leaders this upcoming Sunday after church. If you’re currently leading a CG or have feedback you’d like to share, please attend!




Discussion Questions:

  • What's an example of a story when you missed something important without even knowing it? 

Don’t Miss Jesus in Your Own Agenda (6:1-12)  

  • Jesus had already performed countless miracles and given many signs to authentic his ministry and identity, what do you think is behind the request of both the Pharisees and the Sadducees that Jesus give them another sign? 

  • How can you tell the difference between someone asking honest questions and someone using questions to avoid the truth?

  • The disciples are anxious and caught up on focusing on groceries and they're missing Jesus' teaching because of their own agenda. In what ways can our own personal agenda actually obscure what Jesus is doing in our lives? How have you experienced this dynamic in your own life?    

Don’t Miss Jesus In the Cultural Noise  (6:13-20) 

  • There is a lot of cultural noise surrounding the person of Jesus, every major world religion has a perspective and viewpoint on how Jesus is and what he has done. As you think about your coworkers, friends, and family that don't know, love, and follow Jesus, what is their perspective on who Jesus is and what factors shaped their understanding of Jesus? 

  • What does it mean for you and I to have the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and what difference does this make in our understanding of Church, evangelism, discipline, membership, etc?  

Don’t Miss Jesus in Difficult Circumstances (16:21-28) 

  • Peter rebukes Jesus for explaining that he, as the Messiah of Israel, will be crucified, killed, and raised up on the third day.  We laugh at Peter rebuking God but we often can miss Jesus in the difficult circumstances of our own lives. How has God used difficult circumstances in your own life to strengthen your faith? Peter was opposing Jesus mission to die on the cross as the savior of the world, what ways can we oppose God's plans when they require us to walk through difficulty circumstances? 

  • The call of discipleship is one of self-denial. what ways have you to deny self to follow Jesus recently? 

  • What was is it easier or harder to practice self-denial? In a cultural that prioritizes self-actualization over almost everything else, how can Jesus' call to self-denial actually lead to life? 

Don’t Miss Jesus in Your Own Confusion (17:1-13)  

  • This is a famous section of scripture called the transfiguration, where Peter, James, and John see Jesus in his revealed glory.  Peter misses Jesus in his own confusion in two ways, (1) he wanted to just stay at a spiritual high-point (17:4) and (2) he missed God clearly working in his life (17:9-13). How can we personally miss what Jesus is doing in our own lives when we focus on the mountain top experiences and neglect, minimize,  and avoid the valleys?

  • Peter didn't understand what Jesus' transfiguration meant because it didn't line up with his expectations and his timeline. How can we miss what God is doing by demanding that met our specific expectations or move according to our specific timeline? 

Don’t Miss Jesus in Self-Sufficiency (17:14-23)

  • Jesus disciples were trying to cast out a demon in their own strength, without prayer, fasting, drawing near to God, humbling themselves, relying on God's power and not their own? What are times in your life when you have tried to live by your own self-sufficiency?

  • How does Self-sufficiency rob us of true spiritual power? How does Mountain-moving have more to do with the object of our faith and not the quantity of our faith?

  • If we strengthen what we feed and weaken what we starve how can we strengthen our faith and weaken our self-sufficiency?

  • The young man was healed instantly when the disciples brought him to Jesus, praying for others is a way that we can bring them before Jesus. Who do we need to bring before Jesus this week in our prayers?