Weekly Update 3/12

Hello church!

Announcements this week:

  • There will be a potluck after service this coming Sunday, March 17th. Please bring a dish to share!

  • Our next Ladies Craft Night is Thursday, March 21st at 7:00pm at the Lischke home (6515 44th Avenue South, Seattle). Feel free to bring whatever project you’re working on, or join the ladies in a craft tutorial if you need inspiration! Light refreshments will be provided. Questions? Please contact Shelly Lischke atshellylischke@comcast.net.

  • Next week, Ken Sabalza’s community group will be meeting at the UGM after service on Sunday. If you’re interested in attending or have questions, please reach out to him at rsabalza@hotmail.com

Listen, Watch or Download this week’s message “Religion Vs. Jesus” on online https://rainiervalleychurch.com/latest-sermons

Religion vs. Jesus - Matthew 15 - Rainier Valley Church

CG Questions:

Matthew 15

  • What's a food, movie, music or something you hate? Big idea of this week's message in Matthew 15:1-39 was that Jesus hates hypocritical, external, ethnocentric religion.

Jesus Against Religious Hypocrisy (15:1-9)

  • Jesus hates hypocritical religious actions based on man-made traditions. What are some examples of modern traditions that have actually got in the way of the clear teachings of the scriptures?

  • What sources of authority and traditions compete with God's Word in the context in which you live?

  • If not everyone who quotes scripture speaks the truth, then how can you prepare yourself to discern truth from error? How would you answer this question: The Bible was written by men, so how can it be true in everything it says?" What passages might you appeal to and answering this question?

  • What contemporary trends are putting pressure on believers to compromise faithfulness to God Word? Where have you personally experienced this pressure? How can our response involve both courage and humility?

Jesus Against Religious Externalism (15:10-20)

  • What forms of religious externalism exist within our culture? It's been said that religion is a dumb hobby but many people live with mere external religiosity, why is this? What would someone gain for religious externalism?

  • How does religious externalism lead to behavior modification instead of real heart change?

  • What are the results of kids who grow up in a house marked by religious externalism?

  • In your own words, explain the difference between superficial religion and supernatural regeneration.

  • Jesus teaches that holiness proceeds form the heart. Practically, how can we cultivate such holiness?

Jesus Against Religious Ethnocentrism (15:21-39)

  • What are some example of religion used as a means of oppression, harassing and dehumanizing other people groups? How is the Canaanite woman used as both the archetypal enemy of Israel and the model of Gentile faith?

  • Like the Gentile Canaanite woman, what unlikely converts has God placed around you? How might you doubt God's power and mercy in relation to such people, if so, how does it affect your relationship to them?

  • How does Jesus' interaction with this Canaanite Woman and his feeding of the Gentile crowds help forecast the great commission to the whole world in Matthew 28:18-20? How is your life the best answer to the great commission? What lost coworkers, neighbors, friends and family can we be praying for this week?

Have a great week!