Sunday 2/10/19

Sunday Service Update

RVC Family –
I hope you all are enjoying the snow and staying around Seattle this afternoon. Several people have reached out and asked if we're still planning on having our normal Sunday service tomorrow. Here's where we're at currently:
1. We are planning on hosting a hot breakfast at 9am and having a stripped-down, family-style worship service tomorrow at 10am for those who can make it safely.
2. If you are not able to make it safely please join us on the live-stream on Facebook.

Forecast show no additional snowfall until tomorrow night so the biggest concern for safety will be potential ice on the roadways. Just like school districts, we'll wait until Sunday morning to make the "final call" if the weather conditions change dramatically. RVC’s leaders will evaluate the weather forecast and road conditions on Sunday morning so please check RVC’s website, social media, etc for updates.

We hope you all are enjoying the snow, staying safe and warm. Blessings!