Weekly Update 2/4

Hey y’all. Great seeing you this week! 

We spent time this last Sunday praying for some specific needs in our church. If you need prayer, please connect with Patti Lozano or Kyle Van Tine, or you can submit a prayer request on our website (https://rainiervalleychurch.com/pray/).

We also host prayer meetings every Monday morning at 7am – please join if you can!

CG Questions: “Sent by the King" (Matthew 9:35-10:42) 

  • Share a ministry opportunity you've had that opened your eyes to the great spiritual needs around you. How might you pursue such opportunities in the near future? 

  • Do the massive spiritual needs of the world compel you to action or make you feel helpless? How might Jesus's call to pray in 9:38 impact your reaction? 

  • How would you describe your attitude toward unbelieving coworkers and neighbors? What factors keep you from feeling compassion for them? 

  • Why is the Bible's teaching on God's wrath and the final judgement essential to our motivation for making disciples? 

  • How will you practically apply Jesus' summons to pray and go in this chapter? 

  • What ministry situations tend to be the most difficult for you? Jesus speaks of being like sheep, snakes,and doves in Matthew 10. HOw would this apply to your current context? If there is a spectrum between being wise like a serpent and innocent like a dove, which aspect do you tend to gravitate towards? What are the benefits and drawbacks of being cunning like a serpent and being kind like a dove? 

  • What aspects of being like Christ cause you the most fear and anxiety? What promises in God's Word might bolster your security and joy? Name two fellow believers you might reach out to for strength. 

  • what aspects of God's character tin this chapter ground our confidence in Christ's mission?  

  • In what situations have you been reluctant to confess Christ publicly?

  • How does God's promised reward help fuel our faith and the carrying out of our mission? 

Thanks, and have a great week!