Weekly Update 2/26

Hello church!

Announcements this week:

  • Kids ministry is in need of story time books appropriate for the nursery. If you have any to donate (or titles you recommend), please let Steve know at steveryanpratt@gmail.com.

  • Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help Shelly coordinate our women’s retreat this spring!

  • We hosted a Slack training after service last week that was a big success! If you still have questions about how Slack works or need help getting set up, please visit https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us. If for any reason you’re unable to onboard, you’re welcome to reach out to Kari at operations@rainiervalleychurch.com. Our workspace is rainiervalleychurch.slack.com.

  • Elder installation will be this upcoming Sunday, March 3rd. Please pray this week for Steve, Nate and their families!


CG Discussion Questions:

Matthew 13

Stories challenge us to listen, learn, and grow (13:1-23)

  • What are some of your favorite movies and books and why? What stories and characters have actually changed the way you think and live your life?

  • Why does Jesus tell parables instead of just being clear and straight forward? How does a story engage our minds subversively?

  • What are the four different soils that Jesus outlines in his parables. How does these different stories hear the good news of the Gospel? How do we cultivate soft hearts and open minds to the Word of God? 


Stories Help Us to Understand the World (13:24-43)

  • What stories and characters helped you to understand the world, the good life, right and wrong, truth and lies, wisdom and foolishness?

  • How do Jesus' parables explain the nature of the Kingdom? Why does this matter and what question is Jesus answering? 


Stories teach us what is True, Good, and Beautiful (13:44-46)

  • What is your favorite treasure hunting movie or book and why?

  • Jesus compares the Kingdom to a treasure, in what ways is the Kingdom a treasure?

  • Both the treasure in the field and the pearl of great price are worth selling everything else to obtain. How is the value of the Kingdom greater than worldly achievements, pleasures, titles, popularity, approval, success, etc? 


Stories show us Future Consequences for Current Decisions (13:47-52)

  • What are some of your favorite stories that show how current decisions can lead to future consequences?

  • Jesus is constantly teaching about Judgement. Why it so important to understand that this world will be judged? How does Judgement motivate us to godly living and passionate evangelism? How does future judgement help us to understand current evil, suffering, and hardship?

  • What is one of your favorite endings you've ever seen or read and why did you like it so much? 

  • If your life is a story that is being written alongside the importance of the growing kingdom, how does your story intertwine with the Kingdom? How does your story show the Kingdom? What ways is your story currently diminishing the value or hindering the growth of the kingdom?  

Have a great week!