Weekly Update 2/20

Hello church!

Announcements this week:

  • Shelly Lischke is in need of two volunteers to help plan the Women’s Getaway this spring – one volunteer to help finalize the location and one person to help plan the meals. Please reach out to her directly if you’re interested!

  • We will be hosting a Slack training event after service next Sunday. Slack is a collaboration tool, and the easiest way for you to get connected to your church family and stay up to date on what’s happening! Bring your phone and/or computer for one on one help getting it set up.

  • There’s still time to sign up for Paul Tripp’s Marriage Conference, “Habits of a Healthy Marriage”. We are offering this web course free of charge to married (or soon to be married) couples at RVC. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact Kari (operations@rainiervalleychurch.com)

CG Questions:

Matthew 12

  • Why is self-righteousness by it's nature very elusive? How does someone recognize self-righteousness either by light (instruction, teaching, community) or by fire (difficulty, challenge, suffering).   

  • Has your faith caused you to become more critical or more compassionate? How can trying to grow as a Christian actually lead us to become more self-righteous and critical towards others? How can we guard against self-righteous words and behaviors? 

  • How does legalism and a desire to earn a good before God/self/others manifest itself in the lives of people in Seattle?  

  • Explain what it means when Jesus declares himself to be greater than the temple? 

  • Matthew presents Christ as merciful in this passage. How is Jesus more merciful than other philosophies, moralities, and religions? How is the mercy of Jesus different from a "live and let live" mind-set? Would people consider you to be merciful, why or why not?   

  • How would you counsel someone who feared that they had committed the unpardonable sin because of a sinful thought or word toward God? How can a discussion about the unforgivable sin actually help comfort people who are struggling with their sins? 

  • Matthew compares Jesus to Jonah and Solomon. How do these comparisons speak to the seriousness both Jesus' ministry and of rejecting Christ? It's common to hear unbelievers refer to everyone as "God's children." Does Matthew 12:50 help us rightly define God's Family? What's the difference between being a consumer of church and being a servant to your church family? 

Have a lovely week!