Weekly Update 2/12

Hello church! To those who braved the snow yesterday, thanks for coming out. It felt like a festive Sunday!


  • We will be hosting a potluck after service next Sunday, 2/17. Please bring a dish to share!  

  • RVC will be offering Paul Tripp’s Marriage Conference, “Habits of a Healthy Marriage” free of charge to married (or soon to be married) couples at RVC. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact Kari (operations@rainiervalleychurch.com)

  • Friendly reminder that Valentine's Day is this Thursday!

  • The RVC Women's Ministry is in need of a Retreat Coordinator to help plan the retreat this spring. If you’re interested in helping out, please reach out to Shelly Lischke (shellylischke@comcast.net).

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CG Study Questions:

"Doubt and Unbelief" in Matthew 11

  • Everyone experiences doubt the question is how will we deal with it. How have you seen doubt either strengthen or undermine someone's faith? What is the difference between those who work through their doubts to a deeper faith and those who allow doubt to destroy their faith? 

  • In John 11:1-19 John the Baptist in in prison and doubting the Jesus truly is the Messiah because his life isn't going like he thought it would. What are times in your life when you doubted God's goodness? Have there been times in your life when walking with God didn't meet your expectations? How do you respond when God doesn't meet your expectations? 

  • When you are struggling with doubt, what does it look like to doubt your own doubts? How can you starve doubt and feed your faith? Jesus tells John's disciples to tell John everything they have seen and heard. How does seeing God's work and hearing God's words strengthen your faith? 

  • In John 11:20-24 Jesus denounces the cities in which he did most of his miracles because they didn't repent. How is it that people who see miracles still won't follow Jesus? How is unbelief not just intellectual but moral? How can people who claim to be unbiased actually have a built in bias against believing in God because of the implications. 

  • In John 11:25-30 Jesus praises God for revealing truth to little children that the wise and learned don't understand. What is it about a little child that Jesus is highlighting in this passage and who can we cultivate that child-like qualities in ourselves? How can people experience rest in Jesus? How can we communicate this rest to friends and family that doubt the goodness of God? 

Thanks, everyone. Have a great week!