Weekly Update 1/16

Upcoming Events:

  • Our church will be helping with childcare during the next Hope Place graduation ceremony on Wednesday, January 23rd. Please sign up here: https://ugm.volunteerhub.com/event/index/5756479

  • Our next member meeting is Sunday, January 27th after service. Pastor Kyle and the Board will be reviewing our ministries, finances and operations for 2018. We will also be discussing some important changes coming up in 2018. If you’re a member of our church, please plan to attend!

  • The deadline to sign up for the Philippines trip is January 31st. For additional details, or to learn more about GCE Ministries, please contact Sharon Pastre at sharon.gce@gmail.com.

Announcements from Pastor Kyle:

CG Questions:

Matthew 4:12-25

Be With Jesus: The Call of the Kingdom (Matthew 4:12-17)

  • First and most fundamental to being a disciple is to be with Jesus. How do you spend time with Jesus? What sorts of results do you see in your life when you spend time with Jesus (Peace, direction, encouragement, insight, wisdom, etc) What ways have you learned to "practice the presence of God" and remain in "unceasing prayer" throughout your everyday activities? How can we better discipline ourselves to keep Jesus as the forefront of our thoughts and affections?   

  • How does John's arrest factor into God's sovereign plans? What are the similarities and differences between John the Baptist (Matt 3) and Jesus the Messiah ministries (Matt 4)? Matthew writes about a people living in darkness. What ways are ignorance, sin, and rebellion like spiritual darkness? What does it mean that Jesus is the light of the world? 

  • What is the connect between repentance and the Kingdom of Heaven? How should we practice repentance? The Kingdom of God is a mega-theme throughout the scriptures, what passages come to mind as you think about the Kingdom? How does the good news of the Kingdom of God fit into the reality of discipleship?  


Be Like Jesus: The Call of Discipleship (Matthew 4:18-22)

  • Every Christian is a disciple, a follower, an apprentice of the way of Jesus. Why does it matter that we not just believe in Jesus but become like him? How is being a disciple of Jesus different from simply attending a class, reciting a creed or praying a prayer? 

  • Discipleship Pathway at Rainier Valley Church - "On-Ramps" / "Highways" / "Off-Ramps" 

    • Evangelistic On-Ramps - Big Events (Christmas Eve, Easter) Outreach (Breakfast) Serving (HP Childcare) Community (CGs, Friendships, invites) What specific role can you play an inviting people into the discipleship process just like Jesus did?  

    • Discipleship Highways - Sunday mornings, Community Groups, life-on-life relationships, etc. Christianity isn’t an academic enterprise, It’s a lifestyle. Jesus doesn’t give us a book, but a community and a way of life. How can we be careful to apply what we're learning? What is the role of assessment, review, and correction in the Christian life? How can we better maximize the blessing of Christian community to help shape us and grow us as disciples of Jesus?  

    • Leadership Off-Ramps - Replicating Community Groups, multiplying leaders, reproducing disciples. How is ministry a pathway to maturity? 

  • Jesus comes to the disciples and calls them to follow him, what do we learn about the heart of God in this text? Who else has God called into his mission throughout the scriptures? Jesus calls the disciples to follow him which means leaving their old life. What sorts of things are mentioned within the text that the disciples left? 

Do What Jesus Did: The Call of Ministry (Matthew 4:23-25)

  • We’re called to join Jesus for the final purpose of doing what Jesus did. The scriptures say that when fully trained a student will be like his teacher, how are you becoming more like Jesus in doing what he did? What areas do you need grow in to do what Jesus did? (Preaching the Gospel, practicing hospitality, prayer, silence and solitude, Sabbath, simple living, overcoming the enemy, healing the sick, making other disciples, etc.) 

  • If the goal of the Christian life is to be a disciple who makes disciples, how are you doing at making Jesus final command your first mission?  How do I make Disciples? Look for people with F.A.I.T.H.

    • Faithfulness - Keep their commitments, they show up, etc.

    • Availability - I’m open, I’ll meet up, I’ll come over, I’ll open my schedule, etc.

    • Intentionality - Here are my questions, I want to read, I want to grow, pray, serve, etc.

    • Teachable - Humility demonstrated in repentance, growth, questions, willingness to be awkward, etc.

    • Hungry  - Passionately in love with Jesus, excited about the mission, desiring to honor God, hungry to grow.

  • If the potential of our church rest not in us, but in our ability to raise up other disciples, how are we doing at developing others? Who are your currently Discipling? How are you discipling them? What impact is your life having on theirs?

  • What are the different aspects of Jesus' public ministry from Matthew 4:23-25? Jesus didn't spend most of his time with the crowds but with his discipleship groups of 3, 12, 22, and 120. What are examples of teachings and events that only the disciple got to witness, hear, and understand?

Thanks, and have a great week!