Upcoming Events and Activities

September 15th: Women's Brunch, 10 am @ UGM. Have a chance to sit down, be served and hang out with others.  Estimated Cost $15 dollars. Financial assistance available.  

To sign up go to  If you need financial assistance, please don't sign up online. Contact Crystal Van Tine at

September 28-30: Men's Retreat at Camp Camrec. to sign up go to  If you need financial assistance, please don't sign up online contact David Harris at

Sermon Discussion Questions

Who We Fight (6:10-11)

Contrast the differences between a Christian life without a spiritual enemy and a Christian life actively aware and cautious of the real danger. 

When we're caught up in the midst of spiritual warfare, how can we know if we are being strong in the Lord or strong in ourselves? What are some ways can we be cautious to not power up in the flesh but to humbly power up in the Lord?  

The Puritan Thomas Brooks wrote a famous little book called Precious Remedies against Satan's Devices. In the book he outlines several of Satan's warfare tactics. Which of these tactics does Satan use against you most often? How do you counterattack these tactics? 

1. By presenting the bait and hiding the hook

2. By painting sin with virtue’s colors

3. By showing to the soul the best men’s sins and by hiding from the soul their repentance

4. By presenting God to the soul as One made up all of mercy

5. By making the soul bold to venture upon the occasions of sin

6. By representing to the soul the outward mercies enjoyed by men walking in sin, and their freedom from outward miseries

7. By presenting to the soul the crosses, losses, sorrows and sufferings that daily attend those who walk in the ways of holiness

How we fight (6:13-24) 

Paul calls Christians to put on the full armor of God to stand firm and not give up any ground. What ground is the devil trying to take in your heart, your family and friends, and in your church?

The belt of truth keeps everything together so without it we are lost in a world of chaos, confusion, frustration, and speculation. What truths is the Devil trying to undermine in your life? What truths do you have the most trouble believing? How could Satan undermine God's work in you and through you by getting you to not believe the truth? 

The Breastplate of Righteousness is the imputed righteousness of Jesus over us because of his work on the cross. How does Satan oppose and accuse you of unrighteousness? What terrible outcomes does Satan hope to achieve by causing us to believe we're unrighteous? 

Paul encourages Christians to have feet fitted with the readiness to proclaim the Gospel. What ways have you experienced difficulties, opportunities and temptation come your way when you least expected it? How can we prepare for these challenges and opportunities before they are upon us? 

The Shield of Faith defends us against the attacks of the enemy. What attacks do you experience and how does faith defeat these attacks? What happens to someone who doesn't use the shield of their faith against fiery arrows that pierce and burn? 

The helmet of salvation guards what is most precious and what Jesus died to purchase for his elect. What ways does Satan oppose or seek to undermine our salvation? What is the outcome of a Christian who doesn't believe they're actually saved? 

The sword of the Spirit is the word of God and it's how Christian are equipped to do battle against the enemy. How have you experienced victory by using your sword? How does the enemy seek to belittle the power of the sword? How has the enemy used the sword against you? 

Paul ends the armor of God section with a call to pray for each other. How are you praying for others as an act of spiritual warfare? How can others be praying for you?