Church Announcements 12/16

Hello church!

Just a couple announcements this week:

  • Ladies’ holiday hangout is this Thursday, 7:00pm at the Porter/Clements house (4921 43rd Avenue South)! Bring yourself and some cookies to share. Please contact Shelly Lischke if you need a ride (

  • We need some help providing refreshments for the Christmas Eve service. Please let Brit Porter know what you’d like to bring (!

  • REMINDER about Monday morning prayer, every Monday at 7am. Coffee provided! Please reach out to Patti Lozano for details!

CG Discussion Questions:

  • What Christmas Eve traditions do you have? What is the importance of traditions and how do they help shape, enhance, and reinforce your faith? 

  • Who will you invite to Christmas Eve service this year? 

  • How will you respond to the truth of Christmas this year? 

....With the Hostility of Herod? (Matt 2:1-3)

  • How does modern Western culture hard wire an entire generation to be hostile to the truth of Christmas? 

  • How does the secular mindset and worldview follow the Christian frame work of Creation, Fall, Sin, Salvation, and Holiness but with completely different definitions that center around the self. 

  • How is the Gospel good news for someone who is hostile to the Lordship of Jesus? How would you explain the goodness of the Gospel to someone who is hostile to Christianity, the church, and the Bible? 

....With the Indifference of the Scribes? (Matt 2:6-8)

  • The scribes knew their bibles front to back, they knew the location the Messiah would be born, and they saw the star but they didn't respond in faith? Do you know people who know a lot of the Bible but don't follow after Jesus? What's the difference between knowing and believing? If a classmate or coworkers looks at your life would it be evident that you are a Christian? If so, how is it evident? 

  • It can be easy to grow cold and distant from God if we are not actively communing with him. Everyone of us has spiritual pathways by which we relate to and feel close to God. Take the survey below and dialog with your friends, family, and community group about the results.  seeking 

....With the Worship of the Wise Men (Matt 2:9-12)

  • The wise men worshiped Jesus by lifting their voices in joy when they saw the start. They worshiped by bending the knee to the new born King, they worshiped by bringing their gifts and they worshiped by obeying God over the evil King Herod. Which of these forms of worship are strong in and which need to be growth areas? 

  • How can you cultivate greater joy in the Christian Life? What joy-robbers do you have to contend with? What new areas of obedience has Jesus called you into recently? What areas of obedience tend to be the most difficult? What is your view of tithing? Why is it better to have 90% with God's blessing than 100% without it? What opportunities are there around you to give above and beyond this Christmas season? 

  • Obeying God often means disobedience to a world system opposed to God. What ways do you need to practice a godly disobedience? In what was does obedience to God dictate disobedience to the world? 

How can you be praying and preparing your heart from Christmas? Who do you need to be praying for in this season? 

Have a great week, and Merry Christmas!

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