Church Announcements 12/9

Hello church! We celebrated the second week of Advent this last Sunday. Here are some reminders about events coming up this season and discussion questions for your CG.


  • Brit Porter and Hayley Clements are hosting a ladies holiday hangout on Thursday, December 20th at 7pm in the Porter/Clements home! Address is 4921 43rd Avenue South, Seattle. Feel free to bring a batch of your favorite cookies to share, or just come as you for an evening of fellowship with the women of RVC! And – while we love our children – please leave them at home for this one. 😉 If you need a ride, please reach out to Shelly Lischke (

  • We need volunteers to help with our Christmas Eve service! You can help set up, clean up and/or bring refreshments. Please contact Brit Porter ( or Shelly Lischke ( and let them know how you’d like to serve.

CG Questions:

Advent of the King: The Gospel of Matthew - Week #2 (Matt 1:18-25)

  • What's your favorite Christmas movie and why? 

  • What's the worst Christmas movie you have ever seen? 

  • Who are the hardest and easiest people to shop for on your Christmas list? 

  • What is one of your favorite Christmas gifts as a kid? 

This last Sunday we looked at the Christmas story in Matthew 1:18-25 and the big idea is that Jesus is God with us.

Jesus is GOD with us (Matthew 1:18-20) 

  • What is the significance of the Holy Spirit being the active agent of creation in 1:18? Where else and what else has the Holy Spirit created?  

  • The virgin birth described in this passage is one of the most contested miracles in the scriptures. Four response to the virgin birth are that it's impossible, it's a myth, it's a copycat or it just doesn't really matter. How would you respond to these objections? 

  • How is Joseph convinced of the virgin birth? What is the significance of the virgin birth in understanding who Jesus is and what he has come to do? 

Jesus is God WITH us (Matthew 1:21)   

  • What does the Angel tell Joseph to call the child from this miraculous birth in Matthew 1:21? Who are the people that Jesus will save from their sins? 

  • How would you explain sin to someone who has never heard of it? Why is it so important that Jesus came to save us from our sins?  

Jesus is God with US  (Matthew 1:22-25) 

  • How does the prophecy of Isaiah 7 speak of Jesus? 

  • How does the virgin birth shows God's redemptive love, God’s initiating rescue, and Jesus' unique nature?

  • How are we doing this Christmas season? What is God teaching you in this season? What challenges face you during the holidays? How can we support each other? How can we pray for each other? What is something God has been doing in your life that we can all rejoice in?   

Thanks and have a great week!