Church Announcements 11/18

Hello Church Family,

Happy Thanksgiving week! Here’s a summary of announcements, community group questions and questions you can ask your family and friends around the Thanksgiving table.


  • Christmas decorating and church clean up will take place on Saturday, 12/1 at 9:00am. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided! If you need a ride to the church that morning or would like to lend Christmas decorations to our cause, please contact Kari at

  • We will host an informational meeting about church membership on Sunday, 12/2 after service. Please let Pastor Kyle if you’re planning to attend.


6 Good Questions to Ask Your Family/Friends Around the Dinner Table this Thanksgiving:

  1. What experience or opportunity are you most thankful for this year?

  2. What book, article, blog post or sermon impacted you the most? 

  3. What have you learned about God, yourself or others this year for which you are most thankful?

  4. If you could thank one person today—near or far, living or dead—for their influence on your life, who would that person be?

  5. Who is one person you’ve never really thought of to thank for their contribution to your life, but would like to this year?

  6. For what do you feel most grateful to God this Thanksgiving Day 2018? 

CG Questions from “Kingdom Purity”  Haggai 2:10-19:

  • Off the top of your head, what are the first things that come into your mind when you think about the word “holiness”?  

  • What are some behaviors and activities that people in Seattle would perceive as holy, good, acceptable, pleasing, and righteous? What kinds of traditions and ceremonies do people regularly take part in that help them to feel like they’re forgiven, acceptable, and righteous?

  • How is it possible for us to go through religious ceremonies when our hearts are still far from God? How can we better move the focus of our attention from external conformity to internal transformation? How can we keep short accounts with God and other people so we don’t allow ongoing sin to divide us from God, his church, and others?  

  • God is using economic hardships to call his people back to faithfulness. God is always working through economic recessions and financial misfortunes to produce revival in our hearts through repentance and refocusing on his priorities. How have you experienced God using difficulties in your life to bring about repentance? How have difficulties and challenges cause you to refocus your priorities? Instead of complaining about our circumstances, how can we see opportunities to grow, refocus, and repent?

  • God blesses those who faithfully walk in obedience. What are some of the blessings you have experienced from walking in obedience to God?

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!