Haggai #2

Haggai #2 “Dealing with Discouragement” by Elder Candidate Steve Pratt


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Community Group Questions:

Haggai Week #2

“Kingdom Perspective” Haggai 2:1-9

  • Talk about a disappointing experience in your life that didn’t go the way you thought it would, what was your response? Did you get bitter, depressed, angry? How do you typically tend to respond to disappointment in your life?

  • What was discouraging the people of God as they rebuilt the temple? What situations and circumstances in your life cause you to feel discouraged? How can discouragement lead us to either better our situation or become bitter over our situation? What are healthy, God honoring ways of dealing with discouragement and what are destructive and God belittling ways of dealing with discouragement?

  • What three things does God call his people to do and remember as they continue working on the temple project? God promises his presence as a motivation for the people. How is the reality of God’s promised presence by the Holy Spirit a comfort and a motivator for you? What difference does the presence of God make in your life?

  • Why is God’s covenant with his people an assurance in the midst of difficulties? How does the truth of God’s sovereignty comfort and encourage you in the midst of life’s challenges?

  • Are there times when you have struggled to obey God because you feared that you would not have the necessary resources? How encouraging is it to know that we as Christians are a part of the greater temple, Jesus, who is promised presence of God with us? How is our temple better than the one in Haggai? In what ways can we experience the presence, peace, and power of God by the Spirit, in Jesus, our greater temple?

  • Let pray, giving God our discouragements, doubts, and frustrations and asking him for more of his presence and peace in our lives.

Steve Pratt preaching on Haggai 2:1-9

Steve Pratt preaching on Haggai 2:1-9