Introducing People to Jesus

Week 3, Day 1

Introducing People to Jesus

by Irene Yung

Read John Chap. 4

Jesus said to her, “You are right … What you have said is true.”

John 4 tells of two interactions Jesus had with outsiders: the woman from Samaria and the Capernaum official. With the woman, Jesus initiates and asks her for something she can give him: a drink. The man, on the other hand, went to Jesus to ask him for a miracle. Both went away believing, and both influenced the people around them to believe.

I, too, have been startled by Jesus’ questions (“Am I still good even if I don’t give you _____?”) and sought him in desperation (“Help me pay my taxes!”), and afterward told those stories to the people around me.

Some pointers from Jesus:

  • Engage people you normally don’t talk with. John 4:9

  • Ask people for help, it acknowledges the power and acumen of the other person. John 4:7

  • Don’t argue, find points to affirm. The pull quote highlights one of only two times Jesus says someone is right. John 4:17-18

  • Focus on the joy of partnering with God, knowing you are getting something for nothing. John 4:36-38

Some pointers from the two outsiders:

  • Tell your story regardless of whether it makes you look good or bad. Telling people that you have interacted with Jesus gives them opportunity to consider believing him for themselves. John 4:42

  • Believe Jesus for healing. This may be controversial depending on where you fall on the cessationist-charismatic spectrum, but taking Christ at his word brings salvation to others. John 4:50-52

Reflection Questions

Practical challenge: Think of something current in your life that you’re asking the Lord for, or that he’s nudging you about. Share that with someone who has not yet met Jesus.

Your story can be in-progress.

We don’t know that the woman ended her immoral relationship or that the son suffered no fever damage, but we do know that people believed because that woman and that man told others what Jesus said to them.