RVC Announcements 10/28

Dear church family, 

It was great to worship with you this morning!

This Week’s Announcements:

  • Christmas Choir rehearsals begin Monday, October 29th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Please contact Ken Sabalza at kensabalzamusic@gmail.com if you’re interested.

  • Summit View Church will be hosting a special kids’ program next Sunday that you won’t want to miss! Feel free to invite your friends and family!

  • We start a new sermon series next week entitled “The Priority of the Kingdom”. Pastor Kyle will be preaching through the book of Haggai.

This week’s CG discussion questions:

  • Christian maturity is seen not in arrival, but in progress (1 Timothy 4:15). So the mature remain soft to the gospel and open to growth. Reflect on how God has been changing you over the past twelve months. List the ways in which you serve Christ unseen. A short list may indicate your primary concern is your glory rather than Christ’s.

  • Think about the last time you were criticized. How did you react? Does your reaction suggest you find your identity in your performance?

  • Who speaks the truth in love to you? This will show whether you are creating a truth-speaking community which is committed to everyone’s maturity, including yours.

Practical Challenge

The Mission of God isn’t merely a sermon series but an understanding of the reality of God’s heart for this lost and broken world. We’re invited to step into that mission, to partner with God in the redemption of the world. Take some time to consider these important and practical questions about how you will continue to apply the principles of a missional lifestyle.

  • Calculate the amount of unbelievers that you’re in relationship with and that actually get to spend time in your home. How often are they in your home? Hardly ever, once a month, once a week or more than once a week? Is your relationship with them marked by Gospel intentionality?

  • How often do you spend time with unbelievers in places where they feel comfortable? Hardly ever, once a month, once a week or more than once a week? We don’t merely want to be a church that views evangelism as asking people to come to church with us but we always want to go to them. How often do you speak of Christ with unbelievers or offer to pray for them or with them? Hardly ever, once a month, once a week or more than once a week?

  • How many people in your community group or in your family do your most significant unbelieving friends know by name? None of them, one or two, about half of them or most of them? How can build relationships between your Christian friends and unbelieving friends?

Have a great week, church!