Weekly Church Announcements - October 21-27

Dear Church,

Here’s a recap of our Sunday announcements and some important information about the weeks to come!

Upcoming Events:

This Week’s Announcements:

  • The Missions and Worship ministries are in need of a leader. If you’re interested in serving, please contact Pastor Kyle at kyle@rainiervalleychurch.com.


This week's CG discussion questions:

  • Which of the four cultural trends (isolation, retreat, entertainment, busyness) that work against hospitality hinder you from using your home as a weapon for the Gospel mission? What would be some other barriers preventing you from being hospitable? What changes would you need to make for hospitality to become a way of life for you?

  • In a time when the church is increasingly marginalized and known for negative stereotypes, how can a return to biblical hospitality change its reputation?

  • Do you tend to view your home/apartment as a refuge or a hospital? How does the use of a home as a hospital for Gospel ministry change the way people view and use their home?

  • Which ways of moving a conversation to the gospel comes most naturally for you? What do you find to be most challenging when speaking about issues of truth, God, church and the Gospel? How does your view of mission and hospitality change with the knowledge that God goes before you, lives inside you, and accomplishes the work for you? How should these truths encourage and motivate you?  


Practical Challenge

Invite someone from your community over and practice hospitality by offering to prepare a meal, asking them questions about their life and getting to know them as you break bread together.

If it doesn’t work for you to host, try cooking or baking for your neighbors, coworkers or classmates and bring the food to the lunchroom/cafeteria. Create a space to talk, laugh and get to know the people God has placed in your life.  

Thank you, and have a great week!