The Example of Jesus

Week 4, Day 1

Following the Master’s Example

By: Jesse Epperson

John 13:15 (ESV)

“For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”

The example Jesus is giving his disciples here is in the context of his washing their feet just before being betrayed by Judas Iscariot. Knowing his time was coming to an end (John 13:1), Jesus sought to:

  • Love his disciples (v. 1)

  • Serve them in humility (vv. 4-5)

  • Instruct them about spiritual washing (vv. 6-11)

  • Leave them an example to follow (v. 13)

Not only did Jesus teach his disciples by parables and doctrine, but by being an example of the life to which he called them. Jesus does not call any of his disciples (then or now) to a life of worldly entitlement - to act too good to serve the bad, or too high to serve the low.

I believe Jesus’ example in John 13 was given not only to help us understand that we are to love and humbly serve one another, but also that we are to be examples of what life in God looks like.

Never have I had more opportunities to be such an example than the three years I lived in Malaysia. Most of my time there was spent sharing meals, leading activities, and studying the Bible with neighbors, friends, and schoolmates. While good, friendships (no matter who with) can be taxing and stressful at times. Having Jesus’ example of unconditional love and humble service in the face of His daunting future often encouraged my heart to keep going during difficult seasons.


In what ways could you love and serve those closest to you today?

Reflection Questions

How does Jesus’ example of radical love and humility affect you? Can you think of any actions or words you believe to be beneath you? Bring all your thoughts to your Master (Jesus) and talk with him today.