Mission of God #2

Week 2 Sunday Reflection

Study: Learning to Love Others

Community Group Discussion Questions

What are the dominant thoughts, values, and life experiences have shaped you and your church? What are the similarities and differences between your thoughts, values, and experiences and those of the average lost person in your culture?

Where do they spend their money on? What do they do during their free time? What do they fear? What do they dream about? What cultural experiences do they value?

What are the most painful experiences they have had? What are the barriers to belief? Who do they admire and why? Who do they spend time with and why? What motivates them and why?

What do they believe is their purpose in life? What is their view of Jesus? What is their view of the church? What is their view of the Bible? What is their view of death, the afterlife, heaven and hell?  

Practical Challenge - Assessing Your Community and Yourself

1. Do you know the story of the particular community or culture that you work, study, and play?

2. If you know the story, what are the barriers to the gospel message?

List 3 barriers to the Gospel in your community

  1. __________________

  2. __________________

  3. __________________

3. What tangible forms of service and love would demonstrate the transformative truth of the Gospel to your community?

List 3 tangible ways to demonstrate love to your community

  1. _____________________

  2. _____________________

  3. _____________________

4. What are some of the personal life stories of unbelievers in your community? What are some ways the Gospel can answer the longings of their hearts, the painful experiences they’ve walked through and the questions they’re asking about God, life, and eternity?

5. How are you influencing and encouraging the believers in your community to pray for, speak with, and serve those who don’t know, love or follow Jesus?

6. What are some resources you could give to unbelieving friends to help answer their questions? How can you invite them into christian community to experience the love of Jesus through others?  

7. Do you know the stories of the believers you are ministering with? What are their fears in engaging with unbelieving friends and family about Jesus? How can you be equipping and encouraging other believers in your Community Group/Church for the sake of the mission of God?

8. How often do the believers gather together to eat meals, celebrate and focus on a mission in their community together? What does this look like?

Additional Study Recommendations

  • The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon

  • On the Block by Doug Logan

  • Sharing Jesus by Alvin Reid

  • Everyday Church by Tim Chester

  • Jesus Outside the Lines by Scott Sauls

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