Weekly Update 2/20

Hello church!

Announcements this week:

  • Shelly Lischke is in need of two volunteers to help plan the Women’s Getaway this spring – one volunteer to help finalize the location and one person to help plan the meals. Please reach out to her directly if you’re interested!

  • We will be hosting a Slack training event after service next Sunday. Slack is a collaboration tool, and the easiest way for you to get connected to your church family and stay up to date on what’s happening! Bring your phone and/or computer for one on one help getting it set up.

  • There’s still time to sign up for Paul Tripp’s Marriage Conference, “Habits of a Healthy Marriage”. We are offering this web course free of charge to married (or soon to be married) couples at RVC. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact Kari (operations@rainiervalleychurch.com)

CG Questions:

Matthew 12

  • Why is self-righteousness by it's nature very elusive? How does someone recognize self-righteousness either by light (instruction, teaching, community) or by fire (difficulty, challenge, suffering).   

  • Has your faith caused you to become more critical or more compassionate? How can trying to grow as a Christian actually lead us to become more self-righteous and critical towards others? How can we guard against self-righteous words and behaviors? 

  • How does legalism and a desire to earn a good before God/self/others manifest itself in the lives of people in Seattle?  

  • Explain what it means when Jesus declares himself to be greater than the temple? 

  • Matthew presents Christ as merciful in this passage. How is Jesus more merciful than other philosophies, moralities, and religions? How is the mercy of Jesus different from a "live and let live" mind-set? Would people consider you to be merciful, why or why not?   

  • How would you counsel someone who feared that they had committed the unpardonable sin because of a sinful thought or word toward God? How can a discussion about the unforgivable sin actually help comfort people who are struggling with their sins? 

  • Matthew compares Jesus to Jonah and Solomon. How do these comparisons speak to the seriousness both Jesus' ministry and of rejecting Christ? It's common to hear unbelievers refer to everyone as "God's children." Does Matthew 12:50 help us rightly define God's Family? What's the difference between being a consumer of church and being a servant to your church family? 

Have a lovely week!

Weekly Update 2/12

Hello church! To those who braved the snow yesterday, thanks for coming out. It felt like a festive Sunday!


  • We will be hosting a potluck after service next Sunday, 2/17. Please bring a dish to share!  

  • RVC will be offering Paul Tripp’s Marriage Conference, “Habits of a Healthy Marriage” free of charge to married (or soon to be married) couples at RVC. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact Kari (operations@rainiervalleychurch.com)

  • Friendly reminder that Valentine's Day is this Thursday!

  • The RVC Women's Ministry is in need of a Retreat Coordinator to help plan the retreat this spring. If you’re interested in helping out, please reach out to Shelly Lischke (shellylischke@comcast.net).

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CG Study Questions:

"Doubt and Unbelief" in Matthew 11

  • Everyone experiences doubt the question is how will we deal with it. How have you seen doubt either strengthen or undermine someone's faith? What is the difference between those who work through their doubts to a deeper faith and those who allow doubt to destroy their faith? 

  • In John 11:1-19 John the Baptist in in prison and doubting the Jesus truly is the Messiah because his life isn't going like he thought it would. What are times in your life when you doubted God's goodness? Have there been times in your life when walking with God didn't meet your expectations? How do you respond when God doesn't meet your expectations? 

  • When you are struggling with doubt, what does it look like to doubt your own doubts? How can you starve doubt and feed your faith? Jesus tells John's disciples to tell John everything they have seen and heard. How does seeing God's work and hearing God's words strengthen your faith? 

  • In John 11:20-24 Jesus denounces the cities in which he did most of his miracles because they didn't repent. How is it that people who see miracles still won't follow Jesus? How is unbelief not just intellectual but moral? How can people who claim to be unbiased actually have a built in bias against believing in God because of the implications. 

  • In John 11:25-30 Jesus praises God for revealing truth to little children that the wise and learned don't understand. What is it about a little child that Jesus is highlighting in this passage and who can we cultivate that child-like qualities in ourselves? How can people experience rest in Jesus? How can we communicate this rest to friends and family that doubt the goodness of God? 

Thanks, everyone. Have a great week!

Snow Day Update - 2/11

  • Join us for lunch this Sunday after service (2/17)

  • Contact Shelley Lischke if you are interested in helping coordinator RVC's upcoming Women's Retreat.

  • Please take some time to review Rainier Valley Church on Google and Facebook so that we can extend our reach into the community and create a warm and welcoming digital front door.

  • Connect with Pastor Kyle if you are interested in hosting or leading a new Community Group.

Habits of a Healthy Marriage

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Habits Of A Healthy Marriage is streaming live on February 8-9, 2019 with on-demand replay until December 31, 2019. Your Streaming License comes with free Discussion Questions for each of the four lessons, making it a perfect resource for a couples devotional, small group series, Sunday school class, or church-wide event.



Sunday 2/10/19

Sunday Service Update

RVC Family –
I hope you all are enjoying the snow and staying around Seattle this afternoon. Several people have reached out and asked if we're still planning on having our normal Sunday service tomorrow. Here's where we're at currently:
1. We are planning on hosting a hot breakfast at 9am and having a stripped-down, family-style worship service tomorrow at 10am for those who can make it safely.
2. If you are not able to make it safely please join us on the live-stream on Facebook.

Forecast show no additional snowfall until tomorrow night so the biggest concern for safety will be potential ice on the roadways. Just like school districts, we'll wait until Sunday morning to make the "final call" if the weather conditions change dramatically. RVC’s leaders will evaluate the weather forecast and road conditions on Sunday morning so please check RVC’s website, social media, etc for updates.

We hope you all are enjoying the snow, staying safe and warm. Blessings!

Weekly Update 2/4

Hey y’all. Great seeing you this week! 

We spent time this last Sunday praying for some specific needs in our church. If you need prayer, please connect with Patti Lozano or Kyle Van Tine, or you can submit a prayer request on our website (https://rainiervalleychurch.com/pray/).

We also host prayer meetings every Monday morning at 7am – please join if you can!

CG Questions: “Sent by the King" (Matthew 9:35-10:42) 

  • Share a ministry opportunity you've had that opened your eyes to the great spiritual needs around you. How might you pursue such opportunities in the near future? 

  • Do the massive spiritual needs of the world compel you to action or make you feel helpless? How might Jesus's call to pray in 9:38 impact your reaction? 

  • How would you describe your attitude toward unbelieving coworkers and neighbors? What factors keep you from feeling compassion for them? 

  • Why is the Bible's teaching on God's wrath and the final judgement essential to our motivation for making disciples? 

  • How will you practically apply Jesus' summons to pray and go in this chapter? 

  • What ministry situations tend to be the most difficult for you? Jesus speaks of being like sheep, snakes,and doves in Matthew 10. HOw would this apply to your current context? If there is a spectrum between being wise like a serpent and innocent like a dove, which aspect do you tend to gravitate towards? What are the benefits and drawbacks of being cunning like a serpent and being kind like a dove? 

  • What aspects of being like Christ cause you the most fear and anxiety? What promises in God's Word might bolster your security and joy? Name two fellow believers you might reach out to for strength. 

  • what aspects of God's character tin this chapter ground our confidence in Christ's mission?  

  • In what situations have you been reluctant to confess Christ publicly?

  • How does God's promised reward help fuel our faith and the carrying out of our mission? 

Thanks, and have a great week!

Preview 2/3

Join us tomorrow for a hot breakfast at 9am and worship service at 10am as we continue The Upside Down Kingdom series in the Gospel of Matthew. Tomorrow’s message is entitled “Sent by the King” from Matthew 9:35-10:42. Jason Lischke’s band will be leading us in singing songs of praise and worship tomorrow morning. Here is the set, feel free to listen to these songs tonight as your prepare for the gathering tomorrow.

1. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

2. What a friend we have in Jesus 

3. Death to Life 

4. Mighty to save

5. Cornerstone 

6. How great is our God

There will be NO big kids class tomorrow. Younger kids class (3 year old - 1st Grade) is still on. 

Weekly Update 1/30

Good afternoon, church! Here are some reminders and discussion questions for this week.


  • Deadline to sign up for the Philippines mission trip is tomorrow, 1/31. Please reach out to Sharon Pastre sharon.gce@gmail.com if you’d like to sign up.

CG Discussion and Personal Study Questions

“The King’s Authority” Matthew 8-9

  • Jesus possess absolute authority in the world and warrants absolute allegiance from the world. When you think of authority, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is authority a good or a bad thing, explain? What are some examples of authority used well and authority used poorly?

  • Some sociologists suggest that there are three types of authority.  What are some examples of these different authorities? Which of these authorities does Jesus have?

  1. Traditional Authority (Title/Position/Rank)

  2. Charismatic Authority (Captivating/Magnetic)

  3. Powerful Authority (Strength/Threat)

  • In what ways was the leper physically, socially, and spiritually unclean (Matthew 8:1-4)? Who would you say our the “lepers” in our society? How does Jesus touching the leper dignify him?  Jesus’ is the only person in the world that makes the unclean, clean. How does this healing miracle showcase the truth of the gospel?

  • Why would the Centurion be seen as the definitive enemy of the Jewish people and how does this affect the way we read the story (Matthew 8:5-13)? How is authority represented and respected in the military? What do we learn about the faith of the Centurion in this story? Why is Jesus amazed at the Centurion? What does it look like for us to practically believe, respect, and recognize the authority of JEsus in our lives?

  • Jesus’ miracles dignify and restore the lowly and the least within society. What do we learn about the heart and character of God from the miracles of Jesus (Matthew 8: 14-17)? Peter’s Mother-in-law begins to serve Jesus as she is healed. How is serving a response to being healed? What motivates you to serve Jesus? How has the power, truth, and love of Jesus brought healing into your life?

  • Jesus’ miracles are sandwiched between calls to costly discipleship (Matthew 8:18-22). A naive scribe wants to follow Jesus but how does Jesus respond to him and what do you think the response is supposed to mean? How can we have false expectations about what Christianity and following Jesus are actually like?

  • Most modern readers are shocked at Jesus’ statement that the dead should bury their own dead. How would you reword this statement to get across the sharp point Jesus is making here in a way that modern ears would understand?

  • Jesus has fallen asleep and his disciples are fearful that Jesus doesn’t care and isn’t going to help them (Matthew 8:22-9:8). When are you fearful that Jesus doesn’t really care about your situation? Jesus rebukes the disciples before the wind and waves, why is that? Jesus was determined to keep his promise and to make it to the other side of the lake. What promises has Jesus made to us that we can trust him to keep no matter what?

  • The demons in the story have the best theology of anyone who has ever meet Jesus (Matthew 8:28-34). How is it possible to know who Jesus truly is and to not have saving faith? The demons are concerned that Jesus will torment them before their time. What does this reference mean? Jesus casts the demons into a herd of pigs which drawn in the water and people run out to Jesus terrified of him and begging him to leave their area. Why are the people afraid of Jesus? Is ever right to be afraid of Jesus?

  • Instead of merely healing the man’s body, Jesus forgives the man of his sins (Matthew 9:1-8). Why is being forgiven more important than being healed? How can we cultivate a spiritual perspective that looks behind our physical needs to our deeper spiritual needs?

  • Jesus invites Matthew to become a follower (Matthew 9:9-17). Which types of people being invited into the church would produce a social scandal in many people's eyes? We’re called to be like Jesus can reach those who are lost but sometimes we’re more influenced by? How can we avoid sin without avoiding sinners? How do you know when you’re being more sinfully influenced in a situation than bringing redemptive influence into that situation?

  • Jesus heals a woman struggling with an issue of blood along with a young girl who he raises from the dead (Matthew 9:18-26). How do Jesus’ miracles not merely demonstrate his power but symbolize his coming kingdom? What do each of Jesus’ miracles say about the coming Kingdom of God?

  • While these two blind men can’t physically see, their faith is seeing something even more important, what do we learn about these blind men from the story (Matthew 9:27-31)? What did they believe about Jesus that cause them to call out to him? Jesus brings physically sight to these men, how does Jesus bring sight to people now? How has Jesus brought sight to you? How has he caused you to see new things even in the last few months by the power of the Holy Spirit?

  • The man is mute due to the power and presence of demonic opposition (Matthew 9:32-34). What do we learn about the effects of demonic oppression on the natural world from this story? What ways might the enemy come against us to make us mute so that we don’t speak the truth of God into a situation in our own lives? How does the enemy win when the people of God stay silent?

Thanks and have a great week!

Announcing Elder Candidates

This last Sunday, during the Rainier Valley Church Members Meeting, two new elder candidates were announced to the church body.

Steve Pratt and Nate Porter have gone through a year-long training process with Pastor Kyle. They were voted on unanimously by the Board of Directors, and now they have been presented to the church body for feedback over the next two weeks.

If you have any issues, concerns, suggestions, encouragements, or thoughts for either Steve or Nate, please talk with them directly over the next two weeks. Both of these men are humble, receptive, and desire to grow so that they can lead the church well.

If there is an issue that would be inappropriate to address with them directly, please contact Pastor Kyle Van Tine or the president of the Board of Directors, Sam Bretz.

Lord willing, we will be installing Steve and Nate as elders at Rainier Valley Church on Sunday, February 10. Please be in prayer for these men and their families.

The Pratt family - Tahlia, Krysten, Steve, and Seraphina.

The Pratt family - Tahlia, Krysten, Steve, and Seraphina.

The Porter Family - Brit, Gracie, Nate, and James.

The Porter Family - Brit, Gracie, Nate, and James.