8.12.2018 - Baptism Service


Today we heard from and prayed for Ken Sabalza's upcoming missions trip to the Philippines, had a children's message from our elder candidate, Nate Porter, and celebrated the baptisms of two of our Rainier Valley Church youth! Praise God for a fantastic Sunday!

Church in the Park - LOCATION CHANGE

Afternoon Church Family,

It regrets me to announce that our plan to meet at Gene Coulon Park this Sunday (8/12) has been cancelled due to improper permits and our desire not to do something that will be illegal and bring shame to RVC and our Lord Jesus.  This was an mistake of the Operations Coordinator (me David) and greatly apologize to the church family for all the confusion and issues this will cause.  

We will be meeting at RVC at our normal time, serving breakfast at 9:00 am with service at10:00 am.  It will be a family style service (no childcare) and will still have Baptisms.  If you have any questions, please direct them to me at David.Harris@rainiervalleychurch.com.

Thank you

 Join us for Baptisms this Sunday. 

Join us for Baptisms this Sunday. 

Hope Place Graduation Last Night

We were blessed to send several teams of folks to help serve at the Hope Place graduation last night. Thank you to those who served our closest neighbors through childcare and setting up at the reception party last night. 

Here are some great pictures from the Rainier Valley Church team that helped set up the reception party for the families at the Hope Place graduation last night.



Weekly Announcements 8/5


Here are the upcoming events and activities,

  • August 8th, 6:30 pm: HOPE PLACE GRADUATION.  Come hear stories of hope and transformation.  
  • August 12th: Church in the Park: We're meeting to worship Jesus @ Gene Coulon Park! 10 am - 12:30 pm.  We'll be singing songs and having baptisms! Pray that the Lord will use this as an opportunity to share the Gospel.  If you are able to bring additional people in your vehicle or you need a ride to the event, please fill out the following form  https://goo.gl/forms/BzHZyebAPDVdq2or2.  We will NOT be meeting at the UGM building but over at Gene Coulon Memorial Park in Renton. Feel free to bring a sack lunch, beach towels, folding chairs, etc. 

    If you are interested in being baptized, please connect with Pastor Kyle Van Tine or Ops Coordinator David Harris this week

  • August 19th - Members Meeting after church: All are invited. Childcare not available but lunch will be provided.  Information on church business, our mission and the vision for the next season
  • September 15th: Women's Brunch, 10 am @ UGM. Have a chance to sit down, be served and hang out with others.  Estimated Cost $15 dollars. Financial assistance available.  For more information contact Crystal Van Tine at dandelions@comcast.net
  • September 28-30: Men's Retreat at Camp Camrec.  Suggest Cost $100. For more information contact Doug Foreman at Dougforeman@comcast.net

Discussion/Study Questions

What have been some of the most helpful insights from our summer in the Psalms series for you? 

How is God growing, challenging and moving you this summer? 

  1. God knows me completely - Omniscience (1-6) We live in a world of increasing depersonalization where we are often thought of more as a number than an individual. What are some examples of depersonalization that you have experienced? What are some of the things that David praises God for in verses 1-6? How does our understanding of our relationship with God change when we know that he already knows us completely and that we can hide nothing from him? What ways might we be tempted to pretend that God doesn't know everything?

  2. God is always with me - Omnipresence (7--12) - David praises God that he is with him where ever he goes. What are some ways that God is with us according to verses 7-12? How should God's nearness to us affect the way we behavior at work, with friends and in private?

  3. God made me specifically -  Creatorship (13-18) - David praise God for making him. What specific things cause David to rejoice in verses 13-18? How should this verse impact our perspective on our bodies? What ways might we be tempted to ridicule and belittle ourselves and our own bodies? How can knowing that God has already ordained all the days of your life provide you with comfort in the midst of uncertainty or suffering?

  4. God wants me to be like him - Holiness (19-24) - David asks God to bring in end to the wickedness in the world and the wickedness in his own heart. How does having a heart for God create in us a hatred for sin? Why can't we just love God and not care about sin? Why does God continue to allow evil people in the world? How do these verses fit with the ministry and teachings of Jesus? David asks God to search his own heart too - In what ways might we judge others that we wouldn't judge ourselves? How is submitting our hearts to God's inspection right considering the entire psalm? What ways might we try to withhold things from God? How can we apply what we have learned throughout the Psalms series into our daily lives? How can we pray for each other?

Grace and Peace


Praying for John Keay

This last Sunday we got a chance to pray together as a church body for John Keay. John has been an active member of Rainier Valley Church for the last five years and has been involved in serving the church family and our community in many different ways over that time. Community Group Leader Doug Foreman shared some stories about John and we prayed over him as a church and sent him off into his next season in graduate school 

 Doug Foreman Sharing Stories about John Keay at his send-off ceremony at Rainier Valley Church on August 5th, 2018

Doug Foreman Sharing Stories about John Keay at his send-off ceremony at Rainier Valley Church on August 5th, 2018

 Rainier Valley Church prayed for John Keay at his send-off ceremony this Sunday, August 5th 2018.

Rainier Valley Church prayed for John Keay at his send-off ceremony this Sunday, August 5th 2018.

Psalm 139 this Sunday at RVC

Join us this Sunday as we conclude our Summer in the Psalms sermon series with a look at Psalm 139. We will be praying and commissioning long time RVC member John Keay as he heads off to school. We are looking forward to gathering together for food, fellowship, worship, prayer, bible teaching and the Lord's supper this coming Sunday, August 5th.  

Breakfast starts at 9am and worship begins at 10am. We would love to see you this Sunday! 


Guest Speaker: Mike Johnson

Mike & Justice on Poo Poo point.jpg

Mike Johnson is a husband of 27 years, and father of 7—all adopted. He loves Jesus, the Word of God, his family, mountains, and homeless people.

He is a main subject of a 2015 documentary film on Netflix called A New High. Mike currently leads the Yakima Union Gospel Mission.

Mike will preach a message from Romans 10:11 titled Ropes Not Chains, about how the Gospel lifts shame and fear by saving us all… equally.