Interested in becoming a member of Rainier Valley Church?

1) Read and agree to the Membership Covenant  (view printable version) and

2) Attend and be part of a Community Group. If you are not in a community group, you can fill out a Connect Card here or ask a greeter at church on Sunday

3) Contact your Community Group leader if you have any questions regarding the Membership Covenant or Doctrinal Statement

4) Complete the Membership Covenant form:

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Primary phone number (required)
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Member’s Covenant Responsibilities (required)
To glorify the Lord through worship, obedience to His Word, service inside and outside of the church, spiritual formation such as regular Bible reading, pursuing the spiritual disciplines, and participation in the sacraments of baptism and communion, sharing the gospel with others, and by living a life that brings honor to Christ in every stage and season of life. *
To guard the unity of the church by acting in love toward other members, actively participating in a Community Group, refusing to gossip, encouraging other members to grow in their faith, and by living in a way that does not bring discredit to the Gospel or Rainier Valley Church. We will hold each other accountable in this unity and covenant by listening to the teachings of Scripture, following church leadership by praying for and supporting them and submitting to church discipline, seeking reconciliation and restoration above all. *
To share the responsibility of the church by discovering my gifts and talents, by discerning God’s calling to serve, by continuing to learn from Scriptures and the teaching of the pastor(s), and by seeking a servant’s heart. *
To support the mission of Rainier Valley Church by attending faithfully, by living a godly life, by inviting family, friends and neighbors to attend, by warmly welcoming those who visit, by seeking to make disciples of all nations, and by giving “as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Cor 9:7) I agree and support the Rainier Valley Church’s Covenant, Mission Statement and Doctrine Statement, and will not be divisive in regards to the specific Biblical Convictions of Rainier Valley Church. *
To pray for the church, its growth, its members and leaders and its mission. *
I understand that if I relocate and am unable to attend Rainier Valley Church, I should inform them of my move and find another Bible-believing church to unite with in faith, service, and life. *
I have listened to the sermon series regarding the Mission Statement of Rainier Valley Church (Love and Worship, Fellowship and Community, Evangelize and Equip, Service). *
Doctrinal Statement *
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